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Want to make your server popular? Well, this is an helpful tutorial for you!

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, today I will be discussing about making your server popular in 6 simple steps. It will be talking about the Plugins, Advertising, Donations, Management, Your targeted audience, and finally, the website in which you will create for your Minecraft server. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, as it was a fun time to make one of these tutorials.

Section 1: Plugins
This part will probably be the biggest part of the guide. I plan to get as much plugins as possible and do tutorials on them. This guide will be separated into parts. There will be a part per plugin. If you are not looking for looking for plugins, skip to Section 6. Below are the plugin guidelines :)

Info: Worldedit is in my opinion, the best world editing plugin besides Voxel Sniper, and you can use lots of commands to edit your server or world.
Developer: Sk89q
Bukkit Page: dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/worldedit/

Info: NoCheat+ is an easy plugin to setup. If you know how to setup NoCheat, it's exactly the same. Nocheat is soon to become outdated, so I recommend people to use the updated NoCheatPlus plugin. It's a very good plugin for survival servers as it can stop hackers, and cheaters. It has Anti-Fly, Anti-Speedhack, Anti-Nuker, and more useful hack stopping commands. All you need to do is to download the file from the Dev Bukkit site, and drag it into your plugin folder. Then, you have to do restart or stop the server and it's done! By Default, Ops' will be able to bypass Nocheat, letting them fly, and etc.
Developer: NeatMonster
Bukkit Page: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/nocheatplus/

Info: Actually, Essentials is made of multiple components, You must place each jar to use your Minecraft/Bukkit plugins folder. You will not really need all the components, only the most important ones such as Group Manager, which will be useful in creating ranks such as Member, Admin, Mod, etc. Essentials has many features including TP, Warps, Homes, kits, mob spawning, setting your spawn for the new players, and various mod tools.
Developer: EssentialsTeam, ementalo, Iaccidently, khobbits, md_5, schneeleo, Zenexer, ElgarL, khyperia
Bukkit Page: dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/essentials/

Section 2: Advertising
This is actually the major problem of most servers. They can create a great server and add plugins but can't seem to find any good players willing to play on it. But in this part, I will be demonstrating how to advertise your server. I will show you the websites to upload to your server to and which not to upload server to. There will also be some information about server voting and server lists. With Players Donating, and voting for your server, your server can rise to popularity in just a few days or even hours. There are a lot of major server lists in which you can add your server to but some of them aren't as good. I will show you which server lists are the best and which forums or websites to upload your server to.

The Minecraft Forums: minecraftforums.net
The Bukkit Forums: bukkit.org
Youtube: youtube.com
Facebook: Facebook.com
And Of course: planetminecraft.com

Section 3: Donations
Donations can lead to downfall as well. A quote used by RuneScape back in its former glory was "We dono t want players to be able to buy their way to success in RuneScape. If we let players start doing this, it devalues RuneScape for others. We feel your status in real-life shouldno t affect your ability to be successful in RuneScape". I feel the same approach should be taken to a server. Yes, DO allow the option to donate, but DON'T give ridiculous perks such as flying, bedrock, or loads of diamonds to someone who donates. Maybe a colored name tag varying in colors displaying how much they donated would suffice. Donating is to show appreciation to a server, to support it. Not to buy perks.

Section 4: Management
Whether you're still a high-schooler, or a 50 something with a mortgage and grown kids living at home, one of the facts of running a popular Minecraft server is that you absolutely can't do it all by yourself. You're going to need other people to help with the administrative side of things, be it helping out players who are having difficulty, enforcing rules, or seeing to technical details of the server's functions, having other administrators and ops to lighten your burden and make sure you get a good night's sleep is a godsend. A good place to start is from the ground up, literally. Watch your players in your server, and keep an eye on those who are very helpful and intelligent. Chances are, regular players whom you trust not to blow up your server would jump at the chance to help admin for you! An intelligent, attentive management staff on your server will definitely raise the bar and show players that your server is where they want to spend their time online.

Section 5: Your Targeted Audience

This is one of the most important things you need to think about here. What kind of players are you trying to attract? People of all ages, races, and sexes play Minecraft, and their play styles vary wildly. You have your casual builders, who just want to build up their own house, village, or city, or even collaborate with other players to build up a city. There are also players who are more technical-minded, who love designing, building and testing out crazy contraptions such as the "Pig-Powered Horse Race" game or making machines that will automatically kill monsters and collect their drops. You also must consider the people who enjoy fantasy role play, there are a few fantasy themed servers where constant in-character roleplay is the first law of the land. These are a few things to consider. What do you want your server to be? What do you want built on it? Figure out the answer to that question, and it's a guarantee that there will be a target audience. If you build it, they will come. Now would be a good time to think about what kind of rules you want to implement. Some servers have certain standards by which people are allowed to build things, and guidelines as to what kind of conduct is appropriate, and what isn't allowed.

Step 6: Website

Websites are very important as having a website can make people more active. Websites also widens the community to a whole new step of a level. Websites don't need to be expensive like 50$ a month hosting plan. Use websites such as Enjin, Webs, or Weebly. These companies can offer free website hosting. The Home page should give a list of information about the server like pictures, and what the server is about. Then you can make the forums, where people can make ban appeals, off topic posts, Ideas to make the server better, Relating to Other Games, Staff Applications, and more. You need a donation page. So if you have trouble paying, add a donator rank. Make sure It's not that expensive, as people might think you're greedy for money. Give them special privileges and special items. Another Question is "How are they going to pay you?", Well when using Paypal on webs, it can easy. Webs have an app called Donations, so just put your email and some other info and you're done. It's very simple.

Step 7:

Thank you for reading my short and informative tutorial on "Making your server popular". If you liked my blog, don't forget to show your support by leaving an diamond behind or by favoring it! Have any questions or feedback? Feel free. Thank you for the overwhelming support, and farewell.

This blog was brought to you by the Royal Squid Society. Check them out!
~ MinerDiner123

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Update #3 : 10/27/2012 5:27:16 amOct 27th, 2012

Added Lots and Lots of Description and added the "Advertising", "Management", and "Plugins". Also, I have added a better quality image with an fantastic text, and credit+ keywords as well.

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  • Gryphon2020
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  • October 27, 2012, 3:21 pm
wait... wait... wait... AN tutorial?!
Oh whoops. Thank you.
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  • October 27, 2012, 5:41 am
needs popreel.
Thank you :D
  • Chihiro
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  • October 27, 2012, 5:44 am
  • Gibu
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  • October 27, 2012, 4:01 am
Awesome Miner! Really helpful!
Thank you for supporting me yesn95 :)
  • yesn95
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  • August 19, 2012, 6:52 am
This deserves more views!
Thank you so much TheHof125 for reading my blogs xD
  • TheHof125
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  • August 11, 2012, 7:39 pm
Very good, I love it!
Thanks! :D
  • coolpoppy
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  • August 11, 2012, 4:48 am
Great blog ! good luck with more blogs or whatever you like

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