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How To: Minecraft model + animate in Blender [Part 4 - Importing a Minecraft map]

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Mineways + Exporting

In this tutorial, we will be importing part of a minecraft map into Blender. To do this, we will be using the free open-source program Mineways.

Once you download and extract Mineways, launch the application. Go to File < Open World.
Now select the world (mine is just New World).


From the File menu, you can also select a texturepack. Included in the Mineways download are a few popular texturepack terrain files. Mineways will only show (load) already loaded chunks. Be sure to go into the world and load all the chunks you want to include. From the sliders above the map, you can change the World Height and Lowest Depth.

World Height: The height in which blocks can be.
Lowest Depth: How far 'down' it can load.

In the map preview, you will want to drag the area you want to select.
In the View menu, you can do quite a few cool things. You can jump to the spawn point, player, or the model area.


Now that the area is selected, just go to File < Export for Rendering.

This menu will now appear.
Its all pretty self-explanatory, so I won't go into it.
That's it! Now lets import the new .obj into Blender.


Now that you're in Blender, go to File < Import and select the new exported world.
You may need to scale it, to do this just click 'S'. Now just align it with your character and your done!
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Update #1 : by Giraffestock 07/08/2013 4:02:00 amJul 8th, 2013

Added finished pic : i.imgur.com/qY6kIYj.png

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01/08/2014 1:03 pm
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At Last a Tutorial for a Animation that i can make videos but does it Suports 1.6.4 blocks for my TARDIS
07/07/2013 9:31 pm
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I have been looking for this everywhere for a very long time. Thanks!
07/07/2013 11:24 pm
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Glad it helps :)
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