How to not get lost in a cave


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Hey minecraft players, have you ever been mining in a cave and gotten completely lost. (it may just be me, it happens all the time) Well I have a simple set of tips on how to not epically fail and get lost in the deaths of a cave.

1. you can do the typical strategy of leaving a trail of torches. the problem of this is that, if you leave torches everywhere you walk, and not just on your main path, you may be lead down the wrong path, or brought in a circle. A way to prevent this is to either put two torches by eachother only on the main path, or you can destroy the non important torches.

2. Simply leave a uncommon block or item on your main course, like dirt with a sapling, or a peice of fence. this technic works very well for me.

3. at the end of the day if these technics don't work, simply dig straight up and find your home

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