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How to NOT look like steve in multiplayer servers (mac & windows)

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If you're anything like me and Yummy Dude, you like to go into multiplayer servers and derp around. But it gets really annoying when you're trying to do stuff and either you or you're friend has the steve skin, when steve is not their real skin. I'm going to show you how to fix this. (please note my computer crashes when I try to import images from my comp, so all images are from Google.)

This is the MAC tutorial.

First, go to your user in finder.

Now click on Library>Application Support> minecraft.


Now go to your bin folder. From here you may either use Archive Utility, or just rename it minecraft.zip (add the extension) open it, and rename the folder you just made minecraft.jar. Open it, then go to the bin folder Now highlight anything and just type mob. A folder called mob should be highlighted now. Open it and search for char.png


Now take the skin you want instead of steve and put it in the mob folder. I would recommend renaming the char.png to steve. Now rename YOUR skin char.png and you're good to go.

Windows tutorial

Please note I do not own a windows so this tutorial may not be the best.

First, go to your start menu

Now search for %appdata% and there will be a file called minecraft or .minecraft. Open it, go to bin and you should see minecraft.jar. Unzip this with 7zip, winzip or any other unzipping program. Now find the folder mob. inside it look for char.png


Replace this with your skin you want to be instead of annoying steve. I would recommend making a backup of the original char.png. Now you're all set!

So thats how to fix that annoying problem. This is my first major blog post so comment and diamond!
CreditGoogle images

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