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How To Organize a Faction

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avatar ThatOneOtter
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Hey everyone! ThatOneOtter here with another Faction How-To. I will show you how to reduce chaos inside your faction and make sure everyone is obeying your rules. So lets begin!

First create ranks. These are the ones I suggest: (All ranks with a * are faction mods)
Recruit: A new member of the faction. They just joined and you are not sure if they are trustworthy. Have someone discreetly follow them. Preferably a faction mod so they can kick the new player if needed.
Rookie: Made it past recruit without being suspicious. This is a stage where they are evaluated. If they are good at pvp move them to Soldier/Raid ranks. If they are good at more peaceful things and negotiations, move them to Worker/Ambassador ranks.
CoalSoldier: A new soldier, used as a decoy or as a basic scout.
IronSoldier: A more advanced soldier. Used for grunt work, (charging into a mass of people and attacking them) and harder scouting missions. (Some factions members may never pass this stage.)
GoldSoldier: A master scout, and a valuable asset to the battle field. Used as a raider and archers towards the front of the battle field.
*DiamondSoldier: In charge of all soldiers aside from Emerald. Trusted greatly and used for important missions.
*EmeraldSoldier: A donator rank. Must get to GoldSoldier before they can earn this title. Exactly the same powers as DiamondSoldiers but have more perms so therefor more valuable.
Spy: Used to get coords of enemy factions and to grief from the inside. Doubles as soldier when needed.
HeadSpy: A more trusted version of the spy. Stays spy. (Does not have moderator rank because is forced to leave faction when spying.

Farmer: A farmer
Miner/WoodCutter: Just that
Ambassador-In-Training: Used for simple negotiating things.
*Ambassador: Used for all negotiating things.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps! I will continue the faction blogs, for the few of you who read!
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