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How to pick out a good server on PMC

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avatar yogibear90
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
Anyone else getting tired of joining bad server after bad server? Well, welcome to the club. After some time experiencing this, I learned to look for some key things on each server's submission that help me save time and find out if I'll enjoy my stay.
     With Minecraft being such a hugely popular game these days, countless servers are created each day, and the more popular minecraft sites, such as Planet Minecraft, are flooded with new server posts. So, how can you tell which ones are good without actually taking the time to type in the ip address, spend a while on the server looking around and talking to people, and then make your decision?
     Well, the truth is, there is no completely accurate way, but you can get a pretty good idea of what a server is like just by looking at their submission, which will only take a little of your time. I know they say "don't judge a book by its cover," but in this case the cover is generally very generous in telling you exactly what the server is like.
     First of all, only look for the sort of server you know you personally like and change your search settings (type of server:Rp, Pvp, Capture the Flag, etc; country, and game version). This will largely narrow down your search.
     Next, look at the server name and cover photo before ever clicking on the submission. If the name is spelled wrong, contains childish or vulgar words, or is just something you aren't interested in, don't even bother going further. If the cover photo looks poorly put together or shows a picture of something you aren't interested in, leave the server behind, it won't get better from there!
     If you've decided that the name and cover photo look okay, go ahead and click on the submission. You can take a quick glance at the diamonds and server score, but this isn't too great to go by. You'll probably want to then look at the Submission photo at the top of the page. This is almost equivalent to the cover photo in that if it looks poorly put together, the server probably isn't very professional and may not be what you want to check out. Generally, if the server contains videos or multiple screenshots of the landscape, and the photos actually look good, you're dealing with a professional staff team who take their work seriously and want to please their players. If you do not like the submission photo, don't nix the server just yet, scroll down and have a look at the details to give yourself some more information.
     Okay, you've got this far, what do you look for next? I know it may not seem like a big deal, but the name of the account that posted the server submission can be very important. Whoever posted the submission is most likely the owner, Co-Owner, or Administrator, which means they represent the server. If their name is something like xXOverKillDragonXx69, I would bet money that server will not bring you joy. This shows whoever posted the submission is most likely a kid or does not take their server very seriously. Most professional and well-run servers create a new account only to post server information and will usually have the name of their server as their account name.
     After that, go ahead and take a peek at the online status. Obviously, if the server is offline, it's being worked on, something went wrong, or it's shutting down. However, if you like everything you see about the server, just mark it and come back later to see if it is in fact online.
     The amount of players online is EXTREMELY important. This says how popular the server is and how many others like it, but being a small server isn't necessarily a bad thing. It all depends on how many players you would like on the server you're looking for, but obviously a PvP factions server with 3 players online at 7:00 PM probably isn't going to be too fun. Having too many players can also ruin the experience for some people. I know I don't like the chat screen being flooded, and some people may want a fresh world to explore.
     Now, we reach the most important part, the server Description. This is where you can pretty much tell what the server and the players on the server are going to be like. If the description is like this: "Factions PvP server we r small but growing fast. if u join you get free 5 diamonds. Vote to get OP. PvP contest for who gets staff!!!!!! Owner: xXOverKillDragonXx69 Admin(s): S3x69SPARTAN," Please, just do us all a favor and stay as far away as you possibly can. Grammar is a huge factor, and it pretty much speaks for the server if the owner spells half of the words wrong. Generally, the more description, the better. If they tell you in-depth information on the server, and what you read sounds interesting to you, and do it with an intelligent writing style, copy down the ip and go ahead and try it out. If the description is extremely short, read it, but it probably can you tell you that there isn't much to do on the server or the owner just doesn't care to tell you about it. Either way, not good. 
     Finally, this is probably the number one red flag to stay far away from a server. If the information section says something like "first 5 online get staff" or lists and extremely ludicrous staff application like "ign, why you want to be staff, chill rating" you will not be in good hands, and probably everything about this server is flawed. No good owner who has created a quality sever will willingly give away staff positions without putting players through proper questioning.
     Thanks for reading! I would appreciate comments on how I could improve, but no un-necessary ones please. Try these tips out and see if they work for you!

06/29/2014 12:49 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
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