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How to Play Bed Wars - Hypixel Minigames [WIP]

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avatar bagged_milk
Level 23 : Expert Taco
If you play Minecraft, you've probably played gaming servers. Following this logic, you've probably played Hypixel's Bed Wars. This minigame requires the player and/or their team to have a bed intact in order to regenerate. To win the game, destroy the other team's beds and kill the players. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. There's complications- bed protection, rushers, your own teammates, and, certainly, the other players that aren't just rushing you. When it gets down to the end of the game, it's you, the other remaining player, and a handful of angry dragons ready to decide the game's fate. So, how do you try and win? Here I'm sharing tips that are hopefully useful to you!

Who am I?
bagged_milk, a longtime Minecrafter. I've been playing Bed Wars for quite a while and have several strategies that have worked for me in the past, so today I'll be sharing them.

Bed Wars comes in four different versions when it comes to Hypixel: Solo, Doubles, 3v3v3v3 (four teams of 3!) and it's similar 4v4v4v4. I've played each of these and have discovered different things that do and do not work. So let's get on with the tutorial!

Elements of the Game

The Bed.
So, you might be thinking, based off the pajama-clad NPCs in the lobby and the constant obsession with beds- is this based off of the fear of the first time Minecrafter, The First Night? But no- there's no monsters here, no desperate nights hiding from a spider sitting on the skylight of your dirt cave. This game doesn't end in you getting too scared and turning on Peaceful mode again. No- this is war. To survive, build a protection over your bed and then destroy other teams' beds.

The Compass.
This one is something you can move out of your hotbar. During PvP, it stinks. You're fighting, you're fighting, you're- oh, you're in the Arcade lobby. While you're alive in game, it can either send your teammates highlighted messages via 'team' chat, or you can track the other players using emeralds. When you're dead, you can track players or go to a different lobby- this has happened to me, even if it's hard to find this option. However, PvP can be made tricky, like I said- you're clicking with a sword that's located right next to the compass, which gets you immediate death.

The Base.
This is where you're spawned, respawned, where your generator is, and where your bed is. Take good care of it and build if you want- more on that later.

The Generators.
There are three types of generators:
Iron and Gold
-Iron and Gold generators are in the back of each player spawn base. These provide basic blocks, tools, et cetera.
-Diamond generators give you diamonds, which are used for upgrades, mentioned later.
-Emeralds give you the opportunity to buy things like diamond supplies and ender pearls. Once you have access to emeralds, you're all powerful- and yet at your most vulnerable as you now have a bridge giving other players total access to your base.

These are as follows, offered through the Team Upgrades NPC.
-Forge Upgrades allow your forge to become faster. The more upgrades you get, the faster it becomes, until it produces iron, gold, and emeralds.
-Maniac Miner allows you to gain constant haste.
-Sharpened Swords is a one time upgrade that lasts the whole game, giving you Sharpness I on all swords.
-Reinforced Armor gives you Protection enchantments on your armor for the whole team.
-It's a Trap! causes anyone who comes within 8 blocks of your bed to have blindness and slowness for 10 seconds. This is an easy way to kill them.. sometimes.
-Miner Fatigue Trap causes the next player who comes onto your base to have Mining Fatigue for 10 seconds.
-Heal Pool basically creates an invisible beacon that gives you regeneration when you're on your base.
-Dragon Buff gives you a second dragon on your side for the Death match.
Along with these, the game has a constant timer that counts down til it upgrades the Diamond and Emerald generators on the islands (not the bases). Eventually, the timer destroys all the beds and then sends dragons into the map to kill people- the last player standing wins.

Shops and Items
You can buy blocks, swords, armor, tools, special items such as golems and ender pearls, and more at the Item Shop NPC.
Note: Shop NPCs are in your base.

Very Fast, Easy Ways to Annoy Your Teammates
-Being counterproductive, destructive, or a troll.
If they build blocks, don't destroy the blocks. The teammate probably had a plan for them. Trolling/destroying your teammates bridges/bed prot is almost like hacking- ruining the game for people who want to play.
-Not reading chat.
Player 1: I've got bed prot.
Player 2: *silence*
Player 1: *spends all supplies on things for the bed*
Player 2: *runs in with their own supplies just before Player 1, destroying their hopes and dreams*
When someone says they've got bed prot, they probably have a plan. This happens way too often.
-Logging out.
They're trying to play "Teams" for a reason.

Now- On to the winning!!

In this mode, it's just you on your own 'team,' separated into one of these team colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Aqua, White, Pink, or Gray.
First things first- always remember to take the compass out of your hotbar so you don't die in a fight.

If I don't get rushed straight off the bat, what I like to do is wait til I have enough supplies, and then build a bed protection. Sometimes, however, I do rush the player next to me so that they don't rush me. After, I go for diamonds and work on upgrading my forge. I try to upgrade to emerald forge quickly as I continue to work on my bed protection, and kill people that try to kill me. At this point I usually have glass on the bed.

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