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How to Play Hypixel Skyblock [1] - Humble Beginnings

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Most people start Hypixel SkyBlock and have no idea what to do. These series of posts are intended to fix that. This is the first of a tutorial series for Hypixel SkyBlock is to take you from punching your first log on SkyBlock to killing your first dragon. These posts are going to be laid out in three sections. 1: The introduction; 2: The body of the post; 3: The YouTube video. The introduction is going to stay very similar to the other blogs, the body talks about the entire tutorial, and the YouTube video is pretty self-explanatory (and each of these posts will be released after every SkyBlock videos, so every 1-2 weeks). With that over, let’s get into it!

  To play SkyBlock, you need to be dedicated to getting resources over a long period of time, you need to prioritize, and you need to have fun. If you don’t do those things, then you won’t have the best time with it. Let’s move on to the meat now. When you start on SkyBlock, you spawn on a basic island with basically dirt, stone, a tree, and another island across from it. The chat also gives you a basic summary of the game of the game. The sidebar gives you the name of the game on Hypixel, the real-life date, the sub server that you’re on, the SkyBlock date and time, your location, your purse (which holds coins), your current objective, and the Hypixel website address. You start with the objective, Break a log; or in other words, punch a tree. Once you’ve done that, it asks you to make a workbench, or in other words, a crafting table. After that, it asks you to make a wooden pickaxe. It then asks you to talk to Jerry and to do that, you’ll want to chop the rest of the tree and its leaves (which will likely get you Foraging I, which is the skill for chopping wood, and it gives you coins and access to the Birch Park, which we’ll also be talking about later) and plant any extra saplings and use the wooden pickaxe to mine some stone so that you can bridge across the void between the islands (which will also give you a message in chat saying, Collection Unlocked Cobblestone, which is essentially letting you know that you’ve acquired a certain type of resource, and later on you can level up the collection to unlock crafting recipes).

  The new island is where things get interesting. On the island, you’ll see a small cave leading into it, a villager named Jerry, a little dwarf surrounded by cobblestone, and a portal. We’ll start with the little dwarf. This is your first minion, and it automagically produces cobblestone for you. You can right-click on it, and it will bring up a small interface. In the center, it shows the amount of storage the minion has, and the white glass panes indicate storage that will be unlocked through upgrading the minion. On the left there are a series of slots where you can put upgrades for the minion so it can do more things. On the top, there are three more buttons. When you click on the redstone torch, it shows the ideal layout for the minion. You can hover over the minion head to see its stats, and you can click the gold ingot to see how many resources it takes to upgrade the minion, which you can do using the diamond at the bottom of the minion interface. Click the bedrock in the right-hand corner to pick the minion up. You’ll be able to get more minions for other resources later on, but that comes later.

  The cave leads down a little way, and at the end is a chest with more resources, which you can use however you want; you probably won’t need to do anything with them for now though. Now we’ll talk to Jerry. He essentially tells you that there are many islands in the “SkyBlock universe” with “resources to discover” and that you can “use the portal to warp to the first of those islands – the SkyBlock Hub!” The game then gives you a new objective, which is to Use the teleporter. That is what we’re about to do. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

  When we reach the hub, we find ourselves in a new zone called the village, where you can buy items in the market, go to the auction house (or AH, as you might see in chat), deposit, withdraw, and earn interest on your coins in the bank, enchant items, and many more things. This is where the coins come in. As I said earlier, you can see the number of coins you have in your sidebar. You can use these coins now to buy things in the Village, for this is where most commerce occurs. You can buy from the vendors in little stalls surrounding the center of the village. You just right click on the sellers, they give you a summary of what they sell and why, and then they prompt you to open their shop, where you can buy and sell items for coins. Make sure that you DON’T click on anything in your inventory with the shop open unless you intend to sell it; you can buy it back, but still be careful.

  That’s it for this blog! In the next one, you will learn about the rest of the village along with its various NPCs and what you can do with them. If you liked this, leave a diamond on top, and if you want, watch the video below, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and leave a like. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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