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How to Play Hypixel SkyBlock [2] - Exploring the Village

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Most people start Hypixel SkyBlock, and have no idea what to do. These series of posts intend to fix that. This is the second of a tutorial series for Hypixel SkyBlock is to take you from punching your first log on SkyBlock to killing your first dragon. These posts are going to be laid out in four sections. 1: The introduction; 2: The body of the post; 3: The summary and conclusion; 4: The YouTube video. Each of these posts will be released after every SkyBlock video released on my channel, so every 1-2 weeks. With that over, let’s get into it!

We’re continuing from where we left off in the last post, and we’re going to continue exploring the hub. To the right of the spawn for the hub, there is a building called an auction house, where you can talk to the auction master to bid on and sell items of high value. Some people use the auction house to transfer money as well by bidding ridiculous amounts of money on some useless item that is put up by the user they want to transfer the money to. Also, after this video was released, an update came out that released the buy-it-now feature (referred to as BIN) of the auction house. That feature allows players to add an item for a specified price that people can buy without having to bid.

Now we’re going to talk to the villagers. I’m going to go in the order of the ones in the video and I will list the coordinates in parenthesis. Vex (10/70/-85), right by the auction house, informs you that you can trade items and coins with other players by shift-clicking on them, which can be disabled in the SkyBlock settings. Duke (2/70/-102), in front of the map, gives suggestions on where to get raw materials such as wood, crops, or ores. Lynn (10/70/-100), to the right of the map, gives some info on the quest menu. Felix (-13/70/-96), to the left of the map, informs you of your ender chest, which is accessible from the SkyBlock menu everywhere. Liam (-34/70/-97), to the left of Felix, essentially promotes the renting of houses in the village in the future. Tom (-13/70/-83), right next to the lumber merchant, teaches you how to make a promising axe, which is made with three blocks of iron and gains efficiency for the more logs you chop with it.

Jamie (-16/70/-67), to the left of the adventurer, tells you about “mana” and gives you a rogue sword, explaining that items can have abilities that use mana to do special things. Andrew (8/70/-63), to the right of the auction house, reminds you that SkyBlock is still under development and that the forums will inform you of new updates. Also, about this time in the video, Lxxcky69 gives me a set of lapis armor, which is pretty necessary for players at our current level; so shout out to him. Now Stella (26/70/-115), to the far left of the auction house, speaks about coops, which is where you can play SkyBlock with multiple people. Ryu (-6/70/-117), to the far right of the lumber merchant, talks about the skills in SkyBlock and how you can check your skills in the SkyBlock menu. In the video, it only lists nine skills; however, at the time of writing, a new skill was added called Dungeoneering Skill, which you don’t need to worry about for a while. Also, I don’t think it counted Taming – but you don’t need to worry about that for a while either. Leo (-7/70/-88), directly in front of spawn, tells you about collections, which you can unlock by collecting certain materials and which unlock special items, blocks, and the like. Finally, Jack (0/70/-66), behind the spawn portal, talks about your stats, which can be viewed in your SkyBlock menu and can be improved through leveling skills and other things.

That’s it for this blog! In the next one, you will learn about the farming skill and the places where you can level it up. If you liked this, leave a diamond on top, and if you want, watch the video below, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and leave a like. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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