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avatar Aqua_Pixel
Level 28 : Expert Nerd
Im brazillian. Sorry for incovenience of misspellings.

Hello everyone and welcome to my second tutorial!
This tutorial is simple: is just how to play minecraft.
Might you awready know about it, and im saying right now for no questions:
minecraft is one sandbox game

1- Register!
Go to the oficial minecraft site and create one account!
After creating the account buy the game, its just $26,95 for very much of awesomeness!!!
2- Download it!
Go to the oficial minecraft site again and click "download" link after "play minecraft" text for download it.
After downloading the launcher enter your username and your password, click force update and wait the awesome game be downloaded! You can download the launcher only clicking here.
You must play at least one time on the browser first than downloading the game.
3- Start sandboxing!


After downloading the minecraft click singleplayer, create one new world and start playing!
WASD you move, E you open inventory, SPACE you jump, SHIFT you "crouch" and ESC you pause/open the mini-menu.

how i break it?

To break one block hold left button targeting in one "cube/block". After breaking the block will drop one "item".
To put one block hold right button targeting in one place or block. You cannot place blocks in the sky.
So target in one wood and break some. Pick at least 64 wood to start your adventure.
In the future you will use more, but for now is only these.
Open inventory and put the 64 wood in the 4 squares in right of your skin.
You must put 64 in only one square, putting in 2 you will never win anything.
So click very much times in the "planks" block who will appear in right square of where you put the woods.


When you pick all of the planks (will be 4 packs of 64 planks = 256 planks), use it to create one workbench.
Go to the wiki to see all of the crafts (or just fill the 4 squares with PLANK to pick one workbench)
Use the planks to make too one house/shelter. Start putting planks making one wall, after other wall, after other, and other.
Go to the wiki again and see how to create some sticks and one wooden pick (you need workbench)


Put the wooden pick in your hand and lets start mining!
Dig WITH YOUR HAND to dont break the pick (digging with shovel or hand is more eficcient than digging with the pick, the pick will break every block you destroy with it). When you find stone, use the pick to destroy it.


Go create another pick! But use only 2 sticks and 3 stones than using 3 planks again.
You will make one stone pick, better than the wooden pick.
The wooden pick can only destroy stone and coal.
The stone pick can destroy stone, coal, iron and lapislazuli (one ore)

light is good!

Light your house, because monsters spawns in the dark.
This is why you must create one shelter (after 10 minutes of playing will be night, darker and will spawn monsters).
You must find coal, they can be found in caves or just mining. So create torches after this.
4- We need to dig more deep...

Better toooools!

Mine more deep and might you find iron! Mine the iron when you find (WITH STONE PICK OF COURSE!) and smelt it.


Yeah go to the wiki AGAIN to see how to create one furnace (or just fill the 9 squares with 9 cobblestones and pick the cobblestone of the middle, so will appear one furnace, you will use 8 cobblestones)
Click in the furnace to see more things, the square of down you must put "gasoline" and the up will put block you want to smelt, like ores. Put some wood in down and the iron or in up, wait some seconds to smelt it (WOAH THATS FAST!).

I need more better tools!

Mine very much and press F3, will appear very much of numbers and letters, see the wiki to know where level depth you are.
When you are in 16 to 10, you are in the diamond level! This level is where you find diamond ore: the best ore for crafting.
5- Going to the nether.

finding obsidians

Find 3 diamonds, after finding make one diamond pick. Go to 10 level depth to find LAVA!
Use 3 irons to make one bucket and pick some water with the bucket.
Use the water to make obsidians, one rock who is impossible to mine with other tools and is imune with anything.

making the portal

Pick at least 14 obsidians to make the portal to the nether. See the wiki to know how to make nether portal.
Use flint and steel to open the gate, you can make using flint (from gravel, one "sand" or "falling rock") and iron.
"Equip" the flind and steel in your hand and use it in the portal, creating the portal to the nether.
Enter it and go to the HELL!
6- Find some blazes!
You can find very much of mobs in the nether, pigmans (hit one and all the pigmans will kill you, or just try to kill, make diamond sword and diamond armor before going to hell), ghasts (shoots fireballs, kill then with one bow), etc.
You may find some walls made by nether bricks, that is very good, you must go and enter in that place.
You will find spawners of blazes, they shoot fire in you so be fast and kill then with bow or sword!
They will drop blazerods, pick then, that is your objetive

what they wanna do?

In the night you might find some mobs with 3 blocks of height, totally black and with purple eyes.
When you look directly in their eyes, they might want to kill you, so kill then.
Be fast and speedy, they teleport if you want to kill he when you are looking in his eyes.

How to kill they in the easy mode?

Go running in their direction without looking at they, so when you get close, hit their legs without looking at their "bellies" or eyes, so they dont teleport to other places.
If you look at they and dont do nothing (only targeting on they), they wont teleport or move.
in other case: YOU ARE DEAD!
8- The end.

how to go to that place?

Use the blazerod to make some blaze powder (like making plank by wood)
Use the ender pearl (object dropped from endermans, you can teleport throwing then) to make ender eyes
(mix these 2 components, blaze powder and ender pearl)
Throw the ender eye (not pearl) to see where he is indicating and start running to that place indicated.
When the ender eye indicates to the ground, start digging to down and find the stronghold place.
Now use the ender eyes to open the end gate.
(12 to the portal and 8 to discover where is it)

what is that? one dragon? how to kill he?

That is one dragon, when you enter the end you found it and very much of endermans. I recomend to you dont look at they...
You must have very much of arrows and some bows to kill he, throw arrows at the top of the obsidian towers to destroy some "health regeneration of the dragon".
When you hit one, will explode. Hit all the "balls" to the health of the dragon dont regenerate.
After doing this, just throw very much of arrows in the dragon. When he dies, will appear 100 xp lvls and one portal to go back of normal world.

Done! Now you completed the minecraft! Hope you like the text made in 2 days!
DIAMOND IT! If you like it!
SHARE IT! To other people see this tutorial!
SEE MY OTHER CREATIONS! To help me if you want!
SUBSCRIBE! If you like my creations!
COMMENT IT! If you didnt like any thing about the blog post!

Thanks for learning my blog post :)

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 07/17/2012 8:06:45 pmJul 17th, 2012

I made the Blog post look like nicer!
I made more edits and tutorials too.
(more how to's!)

obs: this isnt for spam or anything else! just one update!

12/19/2014 3:15 pm
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Slime Tamer
Wow. At first I thought this will be a sarcastic blog...
12/21/2014 2:01 pm
Level 28 : Expert Nerd
Lol, it was for the contest
04/23/2013 2:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Zenith Nirvana
Nice tutorial, but take a grammar class please.
04/23/2013 9:58 pm
Level 28 : Expert Nerd
um... did you saw whats wroten in first line?
07/14/2012 9:03 am
Level 22 : Expert Geek
So ridiculous but also helpful to other players in which i complement you for. Favorite diamond and subscribe everybody
07/14/2012 9:01 am
Level 1 : New Miner
that image, is there any texture pack just like that? with the smooth stone, diamond and creeper looking that way? cause it looks like a good simplistic txter pack.
07/14/2012 10:24 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Blacksmith
That image is artwork, not a screenshot. You probably knew that though.
There are quite a few texture packs with smoother stone. Simplistica has it, might check it.
The diamonds and creepers look like they do in default though.. not sure what you mean there.
07/14/2012 12:04 pm
Level 28 : Expert Nerd
07/15/2012 3:58 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Blacksmith
Lol Just trying to help. :)
07/14/2012 5:54 am
Level 22 : Expert Dragon
Nice Very good when i was a noob at minecraft i would just punch the wood once o. o
07/14/2012 3:59 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Mage
Nice tutorial. Very helpful overview of the game for new players, but there are quite a few spelling, grammatical errors. If you want, I can correct them for you through PM. I'll give it a diamond for being helpful, good tutorial :)
07/14/2012 2:36 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Pokemon
Branko ProCrafter
Nice , diamond for you :3
07/13/2012 9:34 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Archer
Even though i've had minecraft for ages i still read it xD
07/13/2012 9:35 pm
Level 28 : Expert Nerd
thanks for reading
even thought these my misspellings are ruining the work XD
07/13/2012 9:33 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Dragonborn
you think they might have been playing mine craft for a bit before they see this
07/13/2012 9:34 pm
Level 28 : Expert Nerd
um.. false
07/14/2012 12:18 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Dragonborn
i read the full thing before commenting
07/13/2012 9:31 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Very helpful for new players! Diamond cookie for you :)
07/13/2012 9:33 pm
Level 28 : Expert Nerd
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