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How To Play Survival Like A PRO!

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Ever wanted to be a minecraft survival pro? Well you clicked the right blog as this one will tell you all the basics of playing minecraft!

So, If you just got minecraft you might want to change your skin so people dont think your a noob Find Skins Here! These are just some tips for survival to help if you keep dying when playing MC!

Starting Off!

1. Start by punching 3 pieces of wood and craft: 1 crafting table, 4 sticks and 6 planks. Place the crafting table and craft a wooden pickaxe, then dig a staircase down and mine 9-26 stone. Now craft a stone axe & pickaxe then start gathering more wood to make more tools and shelter. Remember to craft a furnace!

Mob Encounters!

2. When fighting a basic mob: Zombies, skeletons, spiders etc, make sure you have a weapon, an axe or sword would be best to use. Skeletons. You should sprint, jump and hit. Then run to cover before you get shot!  But when you encounter a creeper, hit it and sprint back so it doesn't explode. Otherwise it will inflict about 5 heart damage or more!

First Shelter

Everybody builds a house out of wood but i recommend to build it out of Stone because of these reasons: 1. They are easy to collect 2. They dont burn down like wood. If you placed a pressure plate at the front of your door, GET RID OF IT! Or monsters will be able to attack your house. Another tip is to make sure you have torches in your house so monsters dont spawn in it! (Get charcoal by burning logs in a furnace)

Cave Explorer!

Minecraft is kinda about exploring so if you find a cave, light it up so mobs dont spawn! It also helps to keep track of where you've explored. Ravines are different, if you encounter a ravine, mine carefully down. CAREFULLY! You dont want to fall down there! Mine slowly as there are holes under ores. Do you know the minecraft rule, dont dig straight down? Well, ravines are places where you should NOT dig down!

Achievement Tips!

We know that there are achievements in minecraft that we want to get. Well, here are some tips on how to accomplish them. (Only some achievements will have tips!) When Pigs Fly! Getting that acheivement is really hard, since you have to find a dungeon to get a saddle. You also have to find a pig which will be another challenge. But the hardest part is getting them on a cliff! Use a carrot on a stick to control the pig and aim for the edge. DIAMONDS! Diamonds are only found at 11 blocks deep. So get to 11 blocks deep and scavenge the area for diamonds!

Boss Battle: Wither
The Wither is a tough boss! If you made a iron golem or Wither before, you will know how. It's simple build a 3x2 soul sand body. Then place 3 Wither Skulls (found by killing wither skeletons, its rare though) on top of the body. Before you start, make sure you have a enchanted diamond sword, a enchanted bow (some arrows too!) and full iron armor (or Armour if you're British). Also bring some strength, Regeneration and Instant Health Potions. When you're done, Activate it by placing the last skull. The Wither has a timer, look at it's health, when it's full, it will explode. The Wither can shoot flying wither skulls. When you get hit by one, you will be withered, which is like poison. Down to half health, it has a shield that makes it resistant to arrows. So use melee because it comes down. When killed, The Wither drops a nether star.

If you're bored of playing singleplayer, why not OPEN TO LAN? Players that are connected to your Wi-Fi can join you're world! You can also play survival servers! 

More updates soon!

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