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how to prtect your home in a multiplayer game

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Hello you are about to read steps to protecting your home in a multiplayer server.

1. try to grief anything you can or collect like wood, tools, meat, and if you can a team mate.

2. try and find a spot that is well hidden like in deep woods or in a cave (if in a cave try to find dirt and cobble to camoflauge your house. Dont use windows for both if you do hide them.)

3.start building. build a farm for extra food to you should try and put it in a hidden place with sunlight.

4.once done building your house start traping it use trap holes with trap doors and dispensers with arrows. the traps should make the player want to go to it so make the redstone lead to something that wont work.

5. put traps in the house put closing walls that sufficate the player or a lava bridge with a secret path way. also you can put tnt on the outside of your house but dont be a retard and put it in your house.

6.mob traps. use mob traps for catching food and in step 1 if you have a team mate set more traps. (these may catch people or possible creepers BE CAREFUL.)

7. hide important stuff hide diamonds or important tools in furnaces or hidden chest. if your low on food hide that to.

8.protect your house and collect as much suplies.

9.finish up your house.

10.dont die and dont give up.

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Level 9 : Apprentice Dolphin
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