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how to write history in pmc (and possibly the most hated user in pmc) (joke)

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SoapSoapSoap avatar SoapSoapSoap
Level 40 : Master Toast

step 1: join pmc

step 2: post an introduction in pmc forums

step 3: tell everyone they will go to brazil

step 4: now you made non brazillians mad, now tell everyone you are a reincarnation of the emperor nero and tell everyone you are going to do what nero had done but worse

step 5: you are probably the 47th most hated pmc user, now it's wallpostin' time

step 6: post unfunny ww2 meme(s)

step 7a: (only do this step if everyone found it funny) post memes that celebrate the fall of constantinople and tell everyone you are a wehraboo OR post memes that hates the ve day (8th may) and tell everyone that you are the part of "order of the dragons", which is the order vlad tepeş in (I think).
if everyone still found you funny, retry step 6

step 7b: (only do this step if everyone found it unfunny) congratulations, you may continue to step 8

step 8: declare war on famous users, such as @ButtOcksMcGee, @SlopeSlopeSlope and maybe @JM_rblxNoob nor @Bob777 nor @ThatManSurroundingTheHouse

step 9: people should laugh at you, if not, declare war on a mod

step 10: find a friend, such as @TheImperialCarliser and @TheAutowomanEmpire.

step 11: If your name consisted of 2 letters like FartingLou, change it to @TheFarto-LouEmpire or @ArchdukeFartingLou

step 12: find a liked serbian pmc user

step 13: found one? get them to assasinate you

step 14: tell everyone that you get assasinated by the liked serbian pmc user

step 15: everyone should laugh at you because you are rp-ing ww1

step 16: your friends are leaving you

step 17: depression

step 19: sign peace treaty

step 18: try to not rp-ing the evil chancellor

step 19: tell a mod to delete all of your wall posts, content and forum threads/posts.

step 20: watch 10 hours of don't pee on the floor, use of commodorè

step 21: when you done, wait until the 21st night of september, as it's the holy holiday of PMC, celebrating the best night of 1970s. then strike.

step 22: spam as many submissions and wall posts as you can

step 23: tell them that you are a genius, even more genius than genius and aristotle.

step 24: tell them you are greater than alexander and peter

step 25: change your pfp to the kaiser

step 26: good job, you are at war against mrs. pmc herself

step 27: banned

step 28: depression

step 29: try to not cause a great famine (somehow)

step 30a: if you cause a great plague, go to the islamic second golden age so you will not get infected even if you found the plague.

step 30b: if you didn't cause a great plague, proceed.

step 31: get a new account with an outlook account

step 32: retry step 1-30

step 33: mrs pmc will ip ban you

step 34: get a new IP address

step 35: retry step 1-33

step 36: go to russia

step 37: touch some grasses in russia. this makes you turned into the monk himself, grigori rasputin

step 38: there was a certain man, in russia long ago. he was big and strong and his eyes were flaming glow.

step 39: most of people look at him, with terror and fear. but for the moscow chicks, he was such a lovely dear.

step 40: preach the bible like a preacher.

step 41: don't do drugs (DRUGS ARE FORBIDDEN)

step 42: try to find the meaning of life (spoiler alert: it's 42)

step 43: rejoin pmc with the new russian ip address

step 44: befriended with cyprezz (if you read this cyprezz, I'm sorry)

step 45: make the people of pmc mad

step 46: they start a petition for the tsar cyprezz

step 47: tell the tsar cyprezz to ban them

step 48: good job, rebubububulution time

step 49: john lennin went to pmc from planetroblox (prb)

step 50: the revolution begins

step 51: leave pmc

step 52: stop doing le trolls

step 53: get featured in a mobile game ad

step 54: go to karensebes to touch some grasses

step 55: be a romanian

step 56: rejoin pmc with the new romanian ip address

step 57: dm @TheAutowomanEmpire that you are declaring war to her

step 58: when she is preparing some units, ask @MrHungaryJoe to protect him

step 59a: if mrhungaryjoe don't want protect you, ask @AusFTria to do the job. if he decline, do it by yourself.

step 59b: if mrhungaryjoe wants to protect you, idk.

step 60: get some xps to get drunk

step 61: fight your friends

step 62: you just recreate the battle of karensebes, good job

step 63: transform into a dracula

step 64: get a stack of sticks

step 65: impale someone

step 66: change your pfp into hannibal

step 67: go to carthage, tunisia (irl)

step 68: logged out your pmc account

step 69: get the new funni ip address

step 70: rejoin pmc

step 71: become hannibal

step 72: get defeated by @TheRomenis and @JulyKaitsar

step 73: i forgor💀

step 74: sing johny johny do you miss me by danny gonzale

step 75: you forgot this tutorial is a crappost

step 76: bye
Creditanyone spoofed

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Level 44 : Master Loremaster
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77. Exist
02/07/2023 8:12 pm
Level 40 : Master Toast
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touch some grasses!!
02/11/2023 2:07 am
Level 25 : Expert Robot
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