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How to run a Successful faction server!

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avatar MatTheMan
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How to Run a Successful Faction Server (10 Steps)

1. Make your faction spawn Simple and Pretty. With lots of Detail and decoration. (The spawn is the First step to run a faction server as players judge servers on their spawn)

2. Make sure you have the right Faction Plugin. With /f who and /f map etc. the newest faction plugins do not have this feature so I suggest downloading it from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?2f8ptud2ekyviu0

3. Setup plugins that players Enjoy like Combat Log, MCmmo, Dungeons, SilkSpawners Etc.

4.(This is vital)Setup Voting Rewards for players so when they vote they receive In Game items(I suggest GAListener and Votifier)Search up on YouTube how to configure this plugin if you have trouble setting up this.plugin.

5. Now you will need to setup kits via Essentials. (Search YouTube on How to do it once again) and make sure they are not too OP I suggest Iron Armour, Tools, Building Blocks and food.

6. Now that you have done this get to advertising. (Setup Votifier and add links to vote when doing this) Advertise on Popular sites like http://PlanetMinecraft.com/ or even http://Minecraft-Server-List.com/ Or type in google Minecraft server list and there will be a bunch.

7. Now You Can Welcome new players to your server. Always listen to the player. If they say the server is bad Simply ask Why and ways to improve, Take feedback and Enjoy.

8. Now ask your players to invite friends for cool rewards (E.g. 2 diamonds per friend invited) This will grow your player base massively.

9. You Must Ask for Donations as this keeps the server alive, Use the enjin Plugin or Buycraft Plugin for Donations.

10. Choose Your staff WISELY, Players do not like very strict admins/Moderators. Make sure players have freedom to laugh and joke and make corny jokes. you should not over abuse your powers and try and give the best experience. Also, Whilst You are doing this Make deals with other players. Like. "Would you want to do ad for ad? Where you advertise my server on yours and I do the same here?" this will also increase your server

Tip!: Make Sure your server has at least enough room for 30 Players + (1GB of RAM)

Buy a server here!: http://picklehosting.com/
Download Factions!: http://www.mediafire.com/?2f8ptud2ekyviu0
Join My Server Today!: TropicalPVP.mcpickle.com

Thanks Please Give a diamond for more tutorials like this and favourite if this helped. Thanks and goodbye!

- Matt

12/27/2013 10:03 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Ranger
Good tips :P
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