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How to Safely Kill Piglin Brutes

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Wow never saw this coming did we? Mojang has added a new mob to Bedrock and Java Edition. It's called the Piglin Brute. Unlike normal Piglins, this mob will attack you no matter what even if you wear Gold Armor. So Gold is useless again. Okay, that's a lie. Normal ones will still not attack you if you wear Gold. But now along with getting mad when you break Gilded Blackstone, Gold Blocks, and any block with Gold in it, getting mad when you open any storage block, when you attack one of them, they will now also get mad if you hit a Piglin Brute. So how do you kill it? Well, it's simple, all mobs in the whole game are pretty dumb. Use that Flint and Steel you carry everywhere when in the Nether, and light that big mean dork on fire. Piglins unlike other mobs from the Nether do take Lava and Fire damage. And they are not near smart enough to know you lit the guy on fire. Piglin Brutes are also coming to Java later. What to do if I'm a Java player? The same thing. Burn that big mean brat. Also, they have Gold Axes instead of Swords. They also have waaaaaaaayyyyy more health than normal Piglins. They also can't use Armor. You could also use a Bucket of Lava which will probably be more effective.

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