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How to sell banners like a pro?

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Selling banners is very popular on Housing servers. It is much cheaper than selling for example members' skulls. I want to give you some advice about having a bannershop.

  1. Show banners' prices on the signs.
    Lots of shops are just halls with banners on the walls. Their employees all the time must answer "How much is it?" and look, which banner is client trying to destroy. If you want to avoid it, place a sign above every banner with its name and price.
  2. Your employees
    If your shop isn't tiny, you should hire other players to help you. The best workers are your irl friends or siblings, because you know can you trust them, and you can contact them anytime. You can also hire other players, but it is risky.
  3. Trade
    If the server you play on has trading commands, and they work for banners, use them. If not, you should build a trade room. Basic traderoom consists of two cells with a block of ice between them and air over it. When you use traderoom, other clients cannot take banner or money.
  4. Getting banners
    Players seldom want to buy just colourful patterns. The most popular banners are images of something. It isn't easy to make them. If you want to have unique banners, search old YT tutorials. There you can find now unknown patterns, like Apple in the hand. Also you can search PMC Banners - you cannot publish a banner somebody else made, so they're unique. You can buy banners from other shops too.
  5. Read the chat.
    In the chat players often ask for shops. You can find there a player who wants to buy banners and invite him/her to your shop.
  6. Copy banners.
    Copying banners is not a cheat, but built-in ability. If you place on crafting a banner with pattern and empty one, with the same colour, you get the copy. When you copy your banners instead of selling the only one and losing it, you can have cheaper prices and still earn much money.

    If you have another ideas, how to sell banners like a pro, post them in the comments. I'll add images of the shop soon.

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