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πŸ”° β€»{Β«How + To + SkinΒ»}β€» β€– [+Zombify+] 🎨

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Happy Halloween?

It's October, Yes the time for the spooks to come out to give the living a fright
[Just Kidding, It's for CANDY]

Anyways, aside from CANDY you also need to get ready to spook up your skin in Minecraft now.

Firstly, If you wondering where are the other blogs I mentioned that might be up now or not.

[​I'm typing this before finishing my other blogs send help]

Anyways, if my skin shading blog is up (I don't have time) this is not about skin shading instead

it's about picking colors and explicit blood splatters/stains
[​Yas, this might be clickbait. Let me use this thumbnail]

Firstly, I would like you to pick what kind of zombie do you wanna be...

Examples Include:

~The Walking dead

~Minecraft Zombie

~Disney's Zombies


What is something different in these examples you say?
well what's important is the type of complection does your zombie have

Green like the wicked witch?
Pale like a ghost? Or be boring be Normal

[​If you choose to be normal, start scrolling down to the blood splatters/Ketchup Stains section]
~{If you are not even doing anything for Halloween, please get out of this blog after you give it a diamond and work on it immediately}~

Anyways, Here are some palette examples:

Green like the wicked witchο»Ώ

πŸ”° β€»{Β«How + To + SkinΒ»}β€» β€– [+Zombify+] 🎨

Pale like a ghost

πŸ”° β€»{Β«How + To + SkinΒ»}β€» β€– [+Zombify+] 🎨

Overall, there are many inspirations for the color of zombie skins from movies, games and even in real life!~

Secondly, This will be the fun part. Making Blood Splatters/Stains~
[Blood Stains = Ketchup Stains. Examples will be posted on PMC soon]

[​If you do not like Blood in Pixels leave now]

Now a fun fact I actually did Blood Stains before and posted on my PMC as a entry for a skin contest.
However, the very first attempt that I did for Blood Splatters/Stains will actually go up tomorrow ;]
with that said you will see my attempts as examples and why I also named it Ketchup Stains.

Examples: Blood Stains = Ketchup Stains

First Attempt:

πŸ”° β€»{Β«How + To + SkinΒ»}β€» β€– [+Zombify+] 🎨

Despite it being my first attempt, I actually think I shaded it really well.
The only problem is that I did not stop with one resulting in it seeming like Ketchup Stains.

Second Attempt:

Learning from my past mistake, I did not made it over the top and added too much.
Which I found the result satisfactory as it actually looks like Blood Stains.

Do note that I do it with a white color as I find that using any other colors won't make the Blood Stains stand out.
[​Of Course it won't]

Finally, Here are some Examples for Blood Splatters.

From the Head to the Torso, I will start with the head first.
First, Imagine what happened to the said Character

For example, I imagine the person got shot and the blood just came out flowing like Magma.

A gash from a sword

A gash from something unknown


Anyways, I hope none of these ideas will not be used for a murder πŸ‘€

If you like the colors that I used, Remember that these will also be posted soon...

Resources Provided By Me

Proof-Read By BeyondTheCrystalSea


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10/01/2022 4:28 pm
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well that's a short story
10/01/2022 9:16 pm
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Yup :>
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