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How to speed run Minecraft!

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Getting Started

The first step in the speedrun is to create a world with the correct settings. If you use the wrong settings, speedrun.com won’t accept your submission. Make sure ‘allow cheats’ is off. Even if you don’t use the cheats, you need to turn this setting off. The correct settings are shown below.
Now that you have spawned in, you will need tools. Start by cutting some trees down and working your way up to a set of stone tools. Once you have created a stone sword, shovel, ax, and pickaxe, it’s time to move on to the next step.
This next section is riddled with RNG, so don’t be surprised if you have to restart multiple times until you get a decent seed. What you are looking for now is either a desert temple or a village. The order you find these in isn’t important.

The desert temple

Once you find a desert temple, dig down until you reach the treasure room. Be sure to destroy the pressure plate on your way down so you don’t get blown up by the TNT. The two resources you are looking for in these chests are iron and gold. Collect these resources from the chest and pick up anything else you think will help you on your journey.

The village

In the village, collect all of the hay you can and craft it into bread. Bread will be your main food throughout the speedrun. You should have at least 30 bread moving forward.
Now take all of the villagers’ beds, as they are incredibly useful against the ender dragon. Using beds to fight a dragon may sound odd, but trust me, it will make sense later.

The nether portal

Our next step is to enter the nether to collect blaze rods and ender pearls. Use the iron you have to create a bucket and a flint and steel. Now fill the bucket up with water and find a lava pool. There is a way to create a nether portal with just water and lava.

The nether

Once in the nether, start searching for a fortress. They can be close to your spawn or extremely far away. It’s another random aspect of the run. Once you find the fortress kill the blazes to collect blaze rods. Don’t leave the fortress until you have at least seven blaze rods.

Now that you have the blaze rods, you will need ender pearls. Search for piglins and, along the way, break these blocks to get golden nuggets that can be crafted into ingots.
For this part, you will need to equip gold boots. This prevents the piglins from attacking you. Now that you have found the piglins trade your gold with them until you have twelve ender pearls. After this, you can leave the nether through the portal you came in.


The stronghold

Now that you are out of the nether, you can craft your eyes of ender. Throw up an eye of ender and follow it to the stronghold. This part is tedious, but it’s necessary. Be sure to kill chickens along the way so you can use their feathers for arrows.
Once you find the stronghold, go into the library room and grab some cobwebs. Use the string from the cobwebs to create a bow. Now use the feathers you got from killing chickens to create about forty arrows. Equipped with your bow and arrow, you are ready to take on the ender dragon.


Ender dragon

The initial section of the Ender Dragon fight is nothing extraordinary. Just shoot the crystals with your bow as you normally would. But be careful not to run out of arrows.
Once the dragon lands, attack him with your sword, and when he’s about to fly away, place one of your beds down. Put a block between you and the bed, then quickly interact with the bed. This will create a huge explosion that does massive damage to the dragon.

Repeat this cycle multiple times, and before you know it, you’ve completed your first Minecraft speedrun. Congratulations!
Now the only thing left is to create a new world and beat your previous time.

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