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How to spot FAKE leaks.

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-=+How To spot Leaks+=-
In every show with climatic plot points, like Steven Universe, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, Rick and Morty, and other shows, we have leaks. Small tibbits of Information "leaked" from the producers, or from people having excess to the show that will happen later in the show.
But over time, as people began to watch new episodes, they began to notice patterns to new episodes to begin making fake leaks. Using already made or old bits of a picture, to create a new one.

-=+Easy to Spot differences+=-
First off, what you will notice is the picture is blurry. Like the person is in a hurry to take the picture. But in fact, it just adds more fakeness to the picture.
Second off, the little picture in the corner saying "New Episode". That rate there, can tell it is a fake, because like the show steven universe, the only way you can get a defined non fake leaks is that if you have the CN app. And when it shows new episodes it does not have the little bit in the corner.

-=+Must be a nerd to spot differences+=-
Some leaks are harder to tell from others, but it takes a nerd, or at least someone who has watched every episode prior to that leak to figure them out. Like color palate, in SU, on rare occasions do they use the other than normal day and night palate for other places.
Also, another factor is line thickness. In SU they tend to use pretty skinny lines, but they aren't the skinniest.
Also, look at the way they are drawing the shots compared to the show, or the leak shots. Do they look like something the creator or creators or animators would have drawn it?
Image result for steven universe leaks Pink Diamond
Leak: Pink Diamond revealed Dabbing.
What makes it fake:
-It is using the back ground from "Message received" when Peridot calls Yellow Diamond. It is simply tainted Pink.
Actual background used:
Image result for background message received steven universe

Image result for Steven universe leaks Jasper
Leak: Jasper in Greg's Van with Peridot driving.
What makes it fake:
-It is using a sunset palate for greg's van. While Jasper's palate is unaffected.
-The lines used for jasper are too thick.

Related image
Leak: Peridot and Sardonyx meet
Why it is fake:
-The shot of sardonyx is used from "Cry for Help"
-What is Peridot and Steven even standing on?

It is cool to see tho how creative people can become with leaks. Like a Pink diamond one, not the one that I used, but anyways it turned out to be a fake, but people actually belived it. And they used these elements to make it more real by not using these elements.
But there are a lot more out there, and if you ever need any help determining if it is real or not, do not hesitate to ask!

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