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How To Start A faction

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avatar VicSmash
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1: Firstly Pick a name, try to pick something original and fits the theme of the server
Example: If your on a Medieval themed server what about, ArmyofHonour.
2: Secondly make sure you have a faction home it Shouldn't be big a basic shack will do for the moment.
3: Try to invite people you know and trust as you start off because you don't want to wake up after a night of sleep to find your base has been destroyed.
4: Do /f owner on your capital so people don't Join and destroy your base and leave.
5: You are now ready to recruit people that you don't know without running the risk of destruction.
6: After you have a successful faction going here are some ideas to take you further.

Try making a place for plots were players can host shops and and have a house in the capital.
Try having a night were most of your faction members come on and you have one massive raid team.
Try having Different jobs were that player gets rewarded after collecting a couple of stacks of wood if they were a woodcutter. Some jobs can be: Miner, Farmer, Builder, Woodcutter, Enchanter and lots more.
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