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How to Start a Good Minecraft Youtube Channel [TIPS]

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Hysteralite avatar Hysteralite
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Hi! I am the creator of a youtube channel with a decent amount of subscribers (around 4,500).
Having a youtube channel is fun, and making and editing videos is a good timewaster, but you
may also want an audience to watch your videos so you can share your minecraft experience
with the world.

1. Create Original Content

One of the most important things about a youtube channel is good, original content. Don't just
fill your channel with a let's play or a bunch of survival games episodes. There are so many of
those all over youtube, yours will most likely get 5 views maximum without advertising it or
with a decent amount of subscribers. Make a funny short film, or a music video, or maybe do
a let's play but rename it something else. I started off my youtube channel with a series called
"Obstacle Survival" where every episode there would be an obstacle, and my subscribers would
tell me either what my obstacle was, or the goal that I had to complete each episode. For example,
my first episode, I created the obstacle, and the goal, and I had to get iron armor in F5 mode. Some
other of my favorites that fans suggested are that I had to find a stronghold without any eyes of
ender, and one was that I had to make an automatic cobblestone generator/harvester with only
redstone, levers, and redstone torches. One thing that stands out for subscribers is to incorporate
them into the video. For example, take comments like what I did with Obstacle Survival and
users will keep watching to see if their ideas were incorporated into the video. Also, you can
invite subscribers to do a minigame or a survival with your subscribers. It can help promote your youtube
channel because the person who is doing it with you's subscribers are seeing you with the
subscriber. It also makes the subscribers more loyal to you. Now, once you get about 500-1000
loyal subscribers, you can start doing the more commonly done things, because you already
have people watching your video.

2. Good Thumbnails

People click on videos with good thumbnails. If you have the dedication to create your own
thumbnails, Use some of the following programs for graphic design. Sorry if there are not
enough programs good for Mac.

Key: You can click on the name for a link

Both Mac And PC

GIMP(requires XQuartz and X11) 9.5/10 (Some things are complex to use, but can do just as much as photoshop)
Luminance HDR7/10 (Suitable for making thumbnails if you have a lot of patience)
Blender9/10 (Extremely complicated, and made for animations, but can make amazing 3D minecraft art)
Adobe Photoshop 10/10 (Does everything you want and more for a thumbnail, easily. It costs 19.99 per month)

Mac Only

Seashore 10/10 (Works great with thumbnails and any other art. *THIS IS WHAT I USE*)
Pixen9.5/10 (Very easy to use, and works well best with low-res thumbnails) (Full costs $9.99)

PC Only

MaPZone 9/10 (Complex, and not the most useful, but the best at what it's used for, 3D landmarks)
Bricks N' Tiles8.5/10 (Complex, works well, and makes decent 3D landforms)
PicMaster 9.5/10 (Easy to use, useful for thumbnails, but not some other art related things)
Anime Studio 9/10 (A cool anime creator that can be used for minecraft art)

Once you have downloaded an editor, use this amazing website and click character avatar. Use the
avatar in your thumbnail to show users that you have custom made the photo, and are dedicated.

3. Film Videos!

Now you need to film some great videos. You should NOT use a camera, you will get bad video
quality. Use one of these screen recorders. The key is the same as with the photo editors.

Mac And PC

QuickTimePlayer 9.5/10 (Built into macs, the link is windows only. Non laggy, good quality)
ScreenCast-O-Matic9/10 (Free version is enough for good videos, but PRO has more) (Full costs $19/year)
Snagit8.5/10 (Laggy if over 10 minutes are recorded but has incredible quality) (Full costs 60$)
Camtasia 9.5/10 (Free trial lags, Mac and PC versions are different *click for info*) (Full costs 99$)
ScreenFlow 9.75/10 (Great, nonlaggy screen recorder) (Full costs 100$)

Mac Only

iShowUHD 10/10 WHAT I USE (Amazing FPS, 1080p HD quality, and great editor)

PC Only

CamStudio8/10 (Basic recorder, nothing special about it)
Fraps 10/10 (Can't get better FPS besides iShowUHD, high quality)

4. Editing the video

This is another of the most important parts of the videos. Cut out all random junk you say, and
add in an intro made easily at this amazing site if you want (I personally don't like using
intros) and add in captions if it adds more humor. If you make a mistake, cut it out. Here are
some nice programs for editing. The key is the same

Mac and PC

None (Sorry)


AVIedit 9.25/10 (Effective, but kind of complicated. Can only edit AVI files)
VideoThang9/10 (Very easy to use, works well for editing videos)
Sony Vegas 10/10 (I kinda want a PC just to use this editor. Yeah, it's that good) (VERY EXPENSIVE)


iMovie 9.5/10(Built into Macs, has everything you need to make a good video)
Final Cut Pro 9.75/10 WHAT I USE (Great editor, has more than iMovie, and converts files)

5. Marketing The Video

Once your video is done, upload it to youtube. You need some of these techniques to make
it popular

1. Give it a good title. Capitalize everything necessary, and use commonly used keywords.
2. Give it good tags. Tags are what makes the video show up if a user types a certain word. For
example, it your video is called "Minecraft - Survival Episode 7" (not a very good title) and you
find diamonds in that episode, make a tag "diamonds" and whenever someone searches "diamonds"
your video may show up.
3. Advertise. It is shameless, and you may get hate, but it is one of the best ways to get recognized.
Go on forums, youtube, or do giveaways that require people to subscribe to you.

Thanks y'all for reading, I hope I helped :D

Hysteralite, out!

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01/08/2018 1:17 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Crafter
GhostNinja avatar
Thanks for the awesome tutorial!
05/03/2017 10:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MuaazPlays MC
MuaazPlays MC avatar
People who don't wanna buy some of these recorders, get Bandicam. Record a video, but with more height, so that the watermark can fit in some extra space. After that, go to this site: http://online-video-cutter.com/
It will allow you to upload a video, cut it, crop it, etc. You can crop the bandicam watermark out, cut some scenes in you video that are bloopers or something and then, if you want captions, add them through live movie maker in windows. Plz let me know if this helped! Subscribe to me on: https://www.youtube.com/MuaazPlaysMC
07/11/2016 3:01 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Toast
Hedgehogs2931 avatar
Great blog! I once advertised here and someone cursed really badly at me on one of my old videos I deleted, but I guess that's part of the YouTube life, huh? XD
07/06/2016 8:04 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Explorer
PurpleHello98 avatar
What screen recorders and editors for PC are free?
06/28/2017 5:33 am
Level 1 : New Network
Lixxella avatar
You could use OBS
02/15/2016 11:30 pm
Level 20 : Expert Artist
cat6376 avatar
btw Mine i mator is also great for making thumbnails
01/09/2016 2:07 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Engineer
Phoeniq avatar
Thanks so much for the links!
(I really needed to know how to change my profile pick to my minecraft face and i finally have :D )
08/03/2015 6:10 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
Effective_Playz avatar
Thanks for the help!
07/02/2015 4:23 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Gooberflute avatar
:D Thanks! The thumbnail thing is great! Thanks for the links!!!! ;)))))))))))))))
05/29/2015 4:27 am
Level 1 : New Miner
pokekart2014 avatar
Amazing! This is a great tutorial, because I was going to start a YouTube channel. Interesting, inspiring, and amazing tutorial.
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