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How to start a server


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How to start a GOOD global server!!!

Step 1:


We all know running a server is a epicness achievment in Minecraft, but let's face it. It's hard.

Lucky for you i've made a guide on how to make a GOOD global server, no pictures needed.

Now, let's get started! Step 1, you may geuss, is hosting The thing to make your server global!

Here is a good choice that I have used:Click.

Step 2:

Finding the right kind of server for you.

Alright, hamachi person, step two: Types of servers. Yes, there are types of servers.

But, we need to find the right one for you!

Answer this qeustion:

Is this just a private server? For friends only?

If you say NO, Go to step 3A

If you say YES, Go to step 3B

Step 3A:


So, you say this server is for anyone? I know the choice! Bukkit! (buh-ket)

Bukkit is a different type of server! If you are using the hosting above, (AKA Avente)

Go onto your server control center, and switch the JAR to the latest bukkit version, and save. Then'

Restart the server! After that you can, via FTP, edit the server files. But wait! There's more! Bukkit

Intreduces somthing called PLUGINS! You usually download them from the bukkit website, or bukkit DEV.

A way to tell if a plugin is safe or not, is to look in the comments. A bukkit admin or bukkit DEV admin

should post a comment saying 'Approved'. The instructions should be included with the page, showing the plugin.

Advance to step 4.

Step 3B


Making a normal server is easy! Once you buy a server from the hoster mentioned above, (AKA Avente)

It's all ready! And, via FTP, you can edit the server's files! Done and done! You have a server! Just tell your friends the IP and done! Do NOT advance to any other steps in the guide!

Step 4


BTW, you are doing pretty well making a server! Know to get players to join! But, you need a spawn! So do the following steps to get advertisement


*Make a spawn

Make a forum on minecraft forums and make a server thing on PMC SUPERVIZE SERVER AFTER DOING THIS! I am not responsible for damage to server!

*Make a website and get it advertised on pmc's affliciates

Enjoy your server!

Thanks 4 reading!


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