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How to start a skyblock

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Skyblock can be easy if you know the basics. if you dont, you... could be in trouble. and some skyblock maps are different. but the map of skyblock im telling you how to beat is from a server called skyblock.co.
first, pick up the chest. all of its stuff will fall out. dig a hole in front of the block the chest was on. then on the corner of the island in the center, there should be more sand. get the dirt you have and stick it on the edges. now you can gather the dirt that you stuck the other dirt on. put that dirt on the other edge so you can make your ifinite water easier... now, where you dug the small hole near where the chest was, dig 2 blocks closer to the bigger hole. at the 2nd block, dig down 1 and use that dirt to put above the hole. get the sand and put dirt where it was. now put lava in the 1x2 hole. put the ice in a corner of the hole and the other ice diagonal from that. break both of the ice. it becomes water! if you break the 2 ice it becomes your ifinte source. now get the dirt block that separates the lava and the water. it should make your ifinite cobblestone source!
What to do if you get obsidian

if you dont cut down the tree soon enough, it may burn down becuase of lava. so cut it down. another thing that risks you needing to restart is getting no saplings. the game is over when you run out of your wood. also, the last sand block was southwest from the tree.
thats really the simple start of a skyblock. please favorite, comment and subscribe!
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