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How to stay popular on PMC and Minecraft

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avatar VthX_Zenith
Level 27 : Expert Taco
Hey guy's Zenith here, bringing you a long awaited blog. Now I'm sure that after my How to become popular on PMC and Minecraft, some of you were wondering how to stay popular. Now I can assure you, becoming popular, and staying popular are two different things and take two techniques. And just as a reminder, please Diamond and Favorite, and if your new to my page, please consider Subscribing for more awesome skins and blogs, thank you everybody. Now without further wait, here's How to Stay Popular on Planet Minecraft and Minecraft.

How to stay popular on Planet Minecraft.

1: Continue to be mature!
  • Seriously, hit this one on the head and you'll be on your way. If you're mature ( or act mature :p ), people will think you're a cool guy ( Or girl ) and continuum to hang around you, tell people you're an awesome guy, and be fwends :)
  • DON'T BE TOO MATURE! PEOPLE HATE MATURE PEOPLE WHO ARE TO MATURE FOR PIE! With all seriousness ( Not really ), don't act like a total turd nugget and pretend to be better than everyone, 'cause NEWSFLASH! YOUR NOT!!!
  • Remember, try to be mature, while being you ordinary crazy self, but not everyone likes crazy people, the trick is to keep your inner crazy to yourself sometimes. (Pro tip: Raging and cursing when your post or something gets removed, or when someone calls you fat in the chat = BAD! )

2: Don't post nude pics.
  • Don't, just don't. . . ( Pretty sure its against the rules. . . )

  • Plz dontz.

3: Be Active.
  • Being active, pretty self explained. Well actually not so much... A lot of people on PMC, they only Subscribe, and stay subscribed, if you people they're subbed to, post stuff regularly.
  • ACTIVELY POST GOOD CONTENT! If you were lucky enough to post something amazing, keep on doing it! Just keep on posting awesome stuff!
  • Active in chat is always good. Its like a get rich quick scheme, but views. And legal...

4: Be nice.
  • Being nice is very important with anything to do with involving social stuffs. Because if your nice, you have friends, if you have friends, your friends talk about you, meaning: YOU BE HOT BRUH!
  • If your nice, you tend to stand out more. (Same if your helpful :) )

PART TWO *Echo of TWO 3 times :)*
How to stay popular in MINECRAFT *Final countdown music*

1: Be Mature.
  • Seriously guys, just be mature and you'll be good to go. If your not mature, people will flip out and call you a noob (newb, nub, etc.) and thats bad. :'(

2: Be good at the game (AND LIFE)
  • If your good at the game guys, seriously, lets think logically. IT MEANS YOU HAVE NO LIFE!!! But on the up side of things, people will respect you, and at that point you can ask everyone if they want to gang up to rule the world.
  • If you by chance god forbid, good at the game, then yeah, you'll be more popular, MOAR POPULAR!!!

3: Be yourself
  • Dontz call meh noob. If you're yourself, people will either hate you, or like you, or propose to you over night. Don't be afraid, 'cause people want friends they can trust, and they want the real you. Like the news, they want the real deal. LIEK TEH ZOMBEI APOCALYPSE!!!!

4: Fancy, but not fancy.
  • Fancy but not fancy, hmmm. It means that try to use proper grammar (BUT DONT BE GRAMMAR NAZI, WHEN YOU ARE YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS!)
  • Its all right if you want to talk liek this, dontz hold bac wen u do. But make sure its obvious that its a joke and not how you really talk. :D

Well guys, thats it with this blog! A rating would be much appreciated, and please consider subscribing for more wonderful content!
Until next time (^ ^) (<---- kirby waving.... :/ don't judge)
CreditMeh mom for giving birth so I could write this. Your welcome.

2 replies

02/11/2014 9:58 pm
Level 21 : Expert Artist
'Be [moar] Popular' blogs, at least the way I see it, tend to get flak, but I think this is really helpful.
02/12/2014 12:19 pm
Level 27 : Expert Taco
Thanks dude! It's always nice to know my work is appreciated

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