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How to succeed on Factions/PVP servers!

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How to succeed on Factions/PVP servers

These handy tips may not be 100% nice, or legit, but they will certainly help you to become one of the strongest players on Faction PVP Servers.

  • 1. Start off by joining an existing faction, then betraying them and taking all their stuff. This may be frowned upon and mean, but it will get you good tools and resources that will speed up theprocessof making a base and mining for ages to get armour. Ideally, don't be detected until all the stuff has been moved to a hidden chest, as then your faction doesn't know you have raided them until it is too late. When you have moved all the stuff out, start a new faction, enemy them and kill them until their power is -10.
  • 2. Make some powerful allies. It is important to have some powerful allies, as when you have just started a new server you don't want the people in protection IV to come and kill you before you have the chance to get good stuff and fight back.
  • 3. Make some weaker allies, then betray them and take their stuff. This is a good technique to use, as you can say to them "Come and help me raid this base", then kill them. If there is a base to raid, let them help you get in, enemy them, then kill them and keep all the loot to yourself.
  • 4. If you are going to hack, hack cleverly. If the server runs AntiCheat, there is no point in trying to fly around with kill aura on. Just stick to more discreet hack, such as Criticals and Click Aimbot. Radar is a useful mod to find players and bases a long way away, but if you see someone really far away or at bedrock, don't say "I see you" to them, as they will know you are not playing legitly.
  • 5. X-Ray is your friend. X-Raying is a great way to get resources very quickly. If the server has Found Diamonds, it will send messages to the admins every time you mine an ore, so regularly do /who to check the server is staff free. If the server tells everyone when you mine an ore, don't bother at all unless the server is empty. Another plugin called "Rate of X-Ray" will log the ratio of ores:stone you mine. Type /rx top when you go onto a server to see if it has it. If it has, be careful not to mine too many diamonds, or make a massive quarry to balance it out.
  • 6. Freecam. The freecam mod lets you leave your "body" and fly through and see blocks near you. This is very useful for spying on a base you plan to raid and planning a way in. If you are being raided, you can see what your enemies are trying to do to enter your base then prepare for it. png
  • 7. Potion Pit. An idea I had on a server was to dig 2x2 hole 4 blocks down into the ground, stand in it, then get someone to tpa to you. It is likley that they will kill you if you are enemies, so just wear your bad stuff. Get your friend to stand at the edge of the pit and throw potions of Instant Damage II at them, until they die. This is a good way to kill them as they are pretty much helpless when they are stuck down the hole and instant damage doesn'tseverelydamage their armour, which will then be yours. Claim the hole so they cannot break out of it.
  • 8. Lava Lake. Another idea that I had on the same server was to drink a Potion of Fire Resistance, then jump in a pool of lava. When they tpa to you, they will either appear in the lava, or on a ledge near it. Knock them into the lava until they burn to death. This is not as effective as the Potion Pit as you don't get their stuff, but it will make them very angry.png
  • 9. If another faction enemies you, make sure you enemy them as well. If a faction has enemied you and you haven't done so to them, they can un-enemy you at will, which allows them to set home in your base and makes you unable to attack them on their land. Just type /f enemy [Faction].
  • 10. If the server has MCMMO, level up your axes. Axes can deal much more damage with MCMMO than swords do. If you have about 1000 axe levels, you can destroy brand new diamond armour in about 8 hits!
  • 11. Look for Mobspawners. Mobspawners help you get XP to enchant things and level up your MCMMO skills with the weapon you use. Use water to push the mobs into a pit, so you don't take damage from them.
  • 12. Enderpearls. Enderpearls can be used to get into bases, if they are surrounded by big walls that you can't destroybecauseit is faction claimed. They also help you catch up with people who are running away from fighting you, or to run away yourself. Feather Falling boots are useful as they weaken the damage you take when you use pearls.
  • 13. Double Team. If someone wants a 1v1 fight, then go there and wait until they have jumped out of the pvp free zone. Go after them and have your friend tpa to you. This will turn a 1v1 fight to 2v1 in your favour, making it easier to kill them. png
  • 14. If the server has an economy, scam people. If the server has an economy and a shop, scam people by pretending to sell something to them then not giving them the item when they give you their money or by pretending to buy something, but not paying them for it. If you have killed someone, say you will sell them their stuff back, wait until they have paid you, then throw it in lava right in front of them. If others are trading and they throw items at each other, try and pick them up when they are on the floor.
  • 15. Actually trade with others. If you have mined/X-Rayed many diamonds, it is worth selling them by the stack for a high price. Sell them to other players cheaper than they could buy from the shop, but more than you could sell them at the shop for.
  • 16. Go to a desert at night and kill mobs. Heaps of mobs spawn in deserts at night, so go there and kill them, which will get you lots of XP and MCMMO levels. Be careful as other players may ambush you or take your stuff if the mobs kill you. png
  • 17. The Drowning Tube. This is another thing that I came up with. Pretty much, you set your faction home in a 1x2 tube then let someone join your faction. When they do /f home, they will appear in the tube. Pour water in it and block off the top and they will drown. Simple and easy way to kill people. png
  • 18. Block off your chests. On some servers, chests aren't protected by faction land, allowing enemies free access to your valuables. Put a block of cobblestone above your chests to stop people opening them.

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04/21/2013 3:28 pm
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This guide is very helpful. You must be good at PVP Grief faction type things.
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