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How to summon horses!

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Hey Everyone,

I think that this skill is very helpful in creative or if you don't want to waste your time getting out the spawn eggs. If you're not familiar with the command, its called /summon. It enables you to summon mobs and creatures without the need for spawn eggs. It's a very helpful tool, especially in adventure maps, where you no longer need spawn eggs or something outside of vanilla to summon mobs. This article will stay specifically about summoning horses, since it a tiny bit more complicated.

So, the basics of this entire thing is the summon command. All it is = /summon. Normally you just need to do /summon (mobname). But for horses (if you want a specific one) you'll need to be more specific. the code for a horse is /summon EntityHorse. The capital letters have to be there. If you just put that in it will just be like a spawn egg, without the egg. It will spawn a random horse. If you want to spawn a more specific horse, you have to add the little squiggly things- ( ~ ). These will take the place of your map coordinates.

So far, we have /summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~. You HAVE to put spaces between the ~'s. Otherwise the rest of the command will not compute. The next step is to add the type of horse you want. this is shown between the squiggly parentheses, like this - { }. Now, we have /summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:#} the # represents any number. Again, the capital letters must be present. Now, this way you can summon any kind of horse. I am unsure about how to summon horse breeds other than white horses, and the undead versions (skeleton and Zombie). To summon a white horse, you need to do /summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:1}. To do skeletons, you need to replace the type # with 4. For Zombies, replace it with 3.

Now, the final step. You are able to tame horses instantly with this command. Just need to add one last step. you need to type in /summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Type:1,Tame:1}. The number has to be 1, or the command wont work.

Well, I hope this helped some of you! If this was helpful, please be sure to leave a diamond! Thx!

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