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How To Tame a Horse In Minecraft (my first blog on PMC) Best horse tutorial!

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AetherMaster's Avatar AetherMaster
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This is a tutorial for people who don't know how to ride a horse in minecraft 1.6 or later

Horses can jump up to about 5 blocks high.

1.Find a horse(found in plains biome) but they are rare.

2.To tame it you right click on it you will be put on the horse now it will kick you off when it does that go back on it right away eventually hearts will come from the horse that means its tame you can also this is the hard way if your in singleplayer, get 64 apples and feed all of them to it.

3.Then click E to open the horses inventory to control the horse put a saddle on it (saddles and horse armor can be found in dungeons mineshafts or temples) if you want to make your horse more powerful put armor on it there is gold iron and diamond.

4.Now you have to make a lead you can do this step any part even first to make a lead you need 4 string and a slime ball recipe in pictures make a lead then get some fence place the fence anywhere then right click on your horse with the lead a rope should be attached to it now then right click on the fence post with another lead this is for keeping your horse from wandering off.

5.(optional) now if you want you can look for a name tag found in dungeons only use it in an anvil and rename it what you want to name your horse then right click on the horse with the name tag it will change its name.

6.to make your horse jump is just clicking regular space bar but that bar in the bottom that was your xp is a jump meter on your horse a horse can jump up to about 4 blocks high so if your stuck in a bedrock hole with your horse don't worry (but chances are the bedrock hole is to small for your horse).

7.Horses take up about 6 blocks of space so if your going to jump through a 1 block wide tunnel it wont let you so if you have underground farms or ranches make them pretty big.

8.If you find a donkey you cannot place armor on them you can place a saddle and a chest so you can carry stuff around in a pack on your donkey to get the chest on just right click a chest on the donkey.

9.Remember to watch where your going while on a horse riding through the wind http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/the-great-leap-into-lava/

this blog is by theaethermaster
hope you found this very helpful remember to
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Creditno one, i figured this out all by myself believe it

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09/18/2013 6:32 pm
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I think this is my most succcsessful blog thanks everyonbe :D
07/01/2013 5:01 am
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I love them!
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