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How To Train Your Dragon! [Contest]

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avatar Heloharth
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So, you want to learn how to train your very own dragon, eh? Well look no further! I'll teach you how to get your own pet tamed in some very easy ways.

Now, so to do so, you are going to need some things. Always make sure to bring these items when you go to tame your future dragon!

- Armor
~Diamond armor is always the best, but is also hard to get. If you are able to trust in your skills, I would say
using iron armor is sufficient enough. But, if you do not think you will be able to, I suggest you spend the extra
time to get the proper materials in order to craft such prestigious armor.

~Before you go into the End, make sure your armor has at least more than half of its health still intact. The
dragon you are looking to tame can get a bit dangerous, and may indeed try to destroy your armor.

~There are many options you have available to tame your dragon with. You could use your hands, get a sword,
or skillfully utilize a bow along with arrows. Personally, I would say you get both a diamond sword and a bow
with plenty of arrows at the most. If this is impossible to do, I would say just a sword would do, but it will take
much longer, since dragons like bows and arrows the best!

~Taming a dragon can take up a lot of energy, so make sure you can refuel! Always bring at least some food
with you, since you will most likely need to go running around chasing your future pet! The best food
would be golden apples, since they restore your hearts. If you are unable to get these, I would suggest
getting a lot of mushroom stew for the trip! Either way, be sure to have some source of energy with
you at all times.

~Snowballs make great items to throw at the ender crystals, since they are quite common in the overworld.
Also, they are easy to see while midair, due to their white color and round shape. As long as you have
accessibility to a snow biome, you should have no problem getting these!

~Enchantments are always good when looking to tame a dragon. The best enchantment I would say is Infinite
on a bow, since it makes it much easier when you don't have to worry about running out of arrows.

~Having all of your armor enchanted is always a good thing too, since it is your only source of protection
against the large body of a dragon. If you plan on climbing up the obsidian towers to destroy the ender
crystals, I suggest you get the enchantment called Feather Falling, since it will lessen the damage in
the event you fall off. If you plan on just tanking your way through the dragon, I would say Protection is
a good enough enchantment.

~Scared about those pesky enderman are you? Well bring a pumpkin along! Pumpkins can be worn on your
head, and protect you from the eyes of the enderman, so they won't attack you! If you are not worried about
being attacked by them, then don't worry about having a pumpkin.

~Potions are definitely a nice extra to bring along, so I suggest getting some brewing experience before going
on your mission! Potions such as the healing potion or the potion of swiftness are always good for taming a
dragon, since you will need to keep up your health, and could very well be running around a lot!

Well, this is all you should need in your dragon taming kit! Happy hunting everybody! :D

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