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Easy Trolling on PvP Faction Servers

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1. You know those people that allow you to be on their faction, but they kick you, kill you, and steal your corpse and laugh at you? Yeah, hate those people too. But there is a way to return the laugh to them...

a. Press F3 and open coordinates when you are on the server. Keep F3 up at all times.

b. Open notepad, word, etc (Will use later)

c. Store your stuff in a chest somewhere safe like an ender chest or far away. (Setting home will help)

d. Type " /f list " and choose a faction with minimal people or has been known to trick people.

e. Ask to get in. If they say yes, accept their invitation. If they say no, then... No. (It will be more likely to get in if you lie and say "I have alot of diamonds.")

f. Wait for them to kill you. (If they don't, that's fine, better luck next time.)

g. Get out your notepad or whatever you use and write down their coordinates. (DO NOT PRESS RESPAWN)

h. Press respawn now and leave the faction. Go to the spawn.

i. At the spawn, say their coordinates out loud. Sit back and watch the magic.

It will stop annoying PvP jerks, it's useful trolling!

Easy Trolling on PvP Faction Servers

2. Big factions like to think they are invincible, but here is VERY simple way to get in, no TNT cannons required. (Note: Some servers may have explosion damage off, and the base may be made out of OBSIDIAN.)

a. Wait until their faction people leave for the day.

b. Go to their base.

c. Wait until night.

d. Find Creepers and lead them to the wall, house, door, fence, chest, etc and blow it up. (Might need to repeat process.) (Also, make sure you set your home in case you die.)

e. Steal stuff. Easy. You didn't have to have anything to get in.

This Blog will be Updated randomly. A new Trolling idea will be added soon...

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