How to unlock private chests in multiplayer


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Hello this is my blog for contest

1. Find a private chest not owned by you or have permissions to open.

2. get a lever make sure the lever is facing the way the clouds move sideways to the chest like not up and down to the chest.

3. pull the lever that should give you a straight way to the chest by deleting the sign next to or or if it is a different private program not locket you should be able just to open it then

4. This works 100% with plugin Locket
If Any problems please post a comment

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I'm very confused with the lever explanation. How can a lever not go up and down? Please respond with clearer instructions or an explanation, thank you.
Hmmm... Im a bit skeptical... seems a little.... far fetched
I favorited
Does it really work?
yes it does

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