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How to use a xbox controller to play minecraft or any other game on pc


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1.Get awired Xbox 360 controller

To Even try to use a Xboxcontrollerit needs to be a wired controller a wireless one will not send data right.

2.Plug in your wired Xbox 360 controller

Next plug in your controller and wait for your pc/mac to download the program that comes with the controller(this may take a few mins.

3.Get Xpadder (link downbelow)

After u get your xbox controller set up you need to get theprogram Xpadder


4.Download the following pic.

The link to the pic.:http://www.mediafire.com/?p3a0479cj7bhpg0

5.Plug in your controller and open Xpadder

Click The pic. in the right handcornerthat looks like a Xbox360 controller thenselect NEW....

6.Set up the controller lay out.

1.A pink screen should come up after that click on the image andselect the image i gave youbefore.

2.After your done with that click on sticks and then stick 1 then select enabled. When u enabled it a clear circle shouldappearput that on one of the sticks.repeatthis with stick 2.(it will ask u to push the stick left and right just do what it says)

3. Click on the dpad next enabled that to and almost the same thing will happen.

4. The buttons are a bitdifferent. You need to press the button then put the clear circle over the button you just press.
Repeat this untill your done with your buttons

5. Click on Trigger and Enable that and put the clearsquareover the right tiggers and do what it will say.

6. Click finish and do as it says.

7.Choosethe the button or toggle stick you want to set.

To do this ether click on one of the squares or click the wrench button next to the triggers,slicks and Dpad.

8.Play minecraft and enjoy:D

Thanks for give this a view but could you also give me a diamond.

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  • smanrt
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  • August 1, 2012, 6:09 pm
nice. check out my blogs if you would like and sub if you like them thx

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