How to create a Project Submission on PMC | Tutorial/Guide

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Creating Project Submission

1. Go to your PMC Profile and press the button "Submissions"

2. Choose the type "Project"

Filling the Information

I'm working on detailed guide: How to use Description Tools | Tutorial/GUIDE | How to write about your submission

Read detailed guide: How to upload your MAP to PMC

Seed is some unique numbers, which can help players to generate your world as you did.
To find out the seed you need to type:
/seedWhen playing on your map.
(It is not necessary to tell your seed if you generated an empty world and created structures by yourself)

Did you build your creation on a server? You can tell about it here:

Maybe you have a friend who helped you with the project? This place is to mention helpers or maybe some links to your inspiration.

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CreditI am still working on other detailed tutorials for this theme

08/27/2019 12:01 pm
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Very nice! We're looking forward to seeing more :)
08/27/2019 12:09 pm
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Thank you! I will definitely create more 😊
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