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How to use Minecraft 1.9's new Command Blocks

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PMKat avatar PMKat
Level 23 : Expert Pokemon
Hey guys! I haven't posted anything in a while so I figured, let's do a video about 1.9 and it's new Command Blocks.
First off I will start with the fact that if you need a video tutorial, watch Sethbling's video on that, which is where I got most of my information on how to use the command blocks.
First I will go over the new types of command blocks we have.
An orange/tan command block is the original one, or an impulse command block.
A lighter green command block is a chain command block.
A purple command block is a repeating command block.
And here are a few things different.
The texture is now animated! 0w0 so pretty
Command blocks have directions which will be helpful later in this tutorial.
Now how do I use them?
This is a great question. Impulse command blocks work basically the same.
Chain and repeat command blocks make your life a lot easier. Let's start with a chain command block.
As mentioned before, command blocks have directions. How does this work? Depending on the direction you are standing in when you place the block, depends on the direction. In order to find out the direction of a command block, it has an arrow pointing towards its direction, and a circle in front. There is also a square in back.
Ok, back to chain command blocks. If one is alone, they dont really work. You have to have them in a chain. Make sense now? They also have to be behind a repeat or impulse command blocks, and all of the chain blocks must be powered on by a lever or a button or something.
Repeating blocks repeat a pattern. Over and over and over again until you power off the command block.
Alright, is that all?
Not quite, there's one more thing I wanted to tell you about command blocks. /blockdata ~~-1~(powered:1b)
Yay hooray your command block is powered!
Alright, see ya!
Wait! If you enjoyed this tutorial and want to see more from me, give it a diamond, which would be greatly appreciated, and favorite, which is also greatly appreciated. If you want to see more content from me without having to search for me, subscribe, and my stuff will appear on your home page. See ya soon! ^-^

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09/25/2015 7:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
miguel724 avatar
SO. I'm trying to make a 1.9 (15w37a) map, but I can't seem to make clickable signs. I have gone to many websites and found many generators, but none were 1.9. PLZ HELP!!
09/28/2015 1:35 pm
Level 23 : Expert Pokemon
PMKat avatar
It should be the same as 1.8 it looks like. Are you using the new command blocks?
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