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HOW TO use the SCOREBOARD in Minecraft 1.17

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Hey guys! Today I thought I would share the commands and stats you need to know to help you best use the scoreboard in your Minecraft worlds.

First things first, what is the scoreboard? The scoreboard system is a complex gameplay mechanic utilized through commands. Scoreboards are used to track, set, and list the scores of entities in a bunch of different ways.

Now that you understand what it is, lets get into how it works.

Lets say when you press TAB, you want to see how many times a player has slept in a bed. We first start by creating a custom stat and giving it a name.

We always start with the /scoreboard prefix. Then we want to select objectives to add

So far our command should look like this: /scoreboard objectives add

The next section of this command is where we will give it a custom tag. We will use this custom tag in the second command to show the stat in our tab screen. In our example we will call our objective TimesSlept

/scoreboard objectives add TimesSlept

Once you've given your objective a custom tag, we will now select which objective or stat you'd like to track. This is the part that gets a little tricky if you're not familiar with the specific statistic syntax. For this example we will continue using the stat Times Slept in a Bed. I will put a list at the bottom of this post with all other available stats and commands. To add a custom stat into your objective you will need to add the following syntax:minecraft.custom:(stat)

So far our command should look like this:
/scoreboard objectives add TimesSlept minecraft.custom:minecraft.sleep_in_bed

Our first command has been completed and we can now use our second command to display our stat in the TAB screen. To do this we once again start with our prefix /scoreboard and select objectives. The next step is to select setdisplay. This will tell the game to display your stat. We are almost finished! Next you will select where to display your objective. There are three places where you can choose to display your objective. The TAB screen which is called list, the sidebar, and below a players name. The display were using in this example is our TAB screen. so we will select list.

You final command should look like this:
/scoreboard objectives setdisplay list TimesSlept

Now every time you bring up your TAB list, you will be able to see how many times a player has slept. I hope this was helpful!!! I will add a list below with other command and stats you can use on the scoreboard.

Animals Bred - animals_bred
Distance By Elytra - aviate_one_cm
Bells Rung - bell_ring
Distance by Boat - boat_one_cm
Armor Cleaned - clean_armor
Banners Cleaned - clean_banner
Shulker Boxes Cleaned - clean_shulker_box
Distanced Climbed - climb_one_cm
Distanced Crouched - crouch_one_cm
Damage Absorbed - damage_absorbed
Damage Blocked by Shield - damage_blocked_by_shield
Damage Dealt - damage_dealt
Damage Dealth Absorbed - damage_dealt_absorbed
Damage Dealt Resisted - damage_dealt_resisted
Damage Resisted - damage_resisted
Damage Taken - damage_taken
Player Deaths - deaths
Items Dropped - drop
Cake Slices Eaten - eat_cake_slice
Items Enchanted - enchant_item
Distance Fallen - fall_one_cm
Cauldrons Filled - fill_cauldron
Fish Caught - fish_caught
Distance Flown - fly_one_cm
Distance on Horse - horse_one_cm
Dispensers Searched - inspect_dispenser
Droppers Searched - inspect_dropper
Hoppers Searched - inspect_hopper
Anvil Interactions - interact_with_anvil
Beacon Interactions - interact_with_beacon
Blast Furnace Interactions - interact_with_blast_furnace
Campfire Interactions - interact_with_campfire
Cartography Table Interactions - interact_with_cartography_table
Crafting Table Interactions - interact_with_crafting_table
Furnace Interactions - interact_with_furnace
Grindstone Interactions - interact_with_grindstone
Lectern Interactions - interact_with_lectern
Loom Interactions - interact_with_loom
Smithing Table Interactions - interact_with_smithing_table
Smoker Interactions - interact_with_smoker
Stonecutter Interactions - interact_with_stonecutter
Times Jumped - jump
Games Quit - leave_game
Distance by Minecart - minecart_one_cm
Mob Kills - mob_kills
Barrels Opened - open_barrel
Chests Opened - open_chest
Enderchests Opened - open_enderchest
ShulkerBoxes Opened - open_shulker_box
Distance by Pig - pig_one_cm
Noteblocks Played - play_noteblock
Music Discs Played - play_record
Total Play Time - play_time
Player Kills - player_kills
Plants Potted - pot_flower
Raids Triggered - raid_triggered
Raids Won - raid_win
Times Slept in a Bed - sleep_in_bed
Sneak Time - sneak_time
Distance Sprinted - sprint_one_cm
Distance on Strider - strider_one_cm
Distance Swam - swim_one_cm
Talked to Villagers - talked_to_villager
Targets Hit - target_hit
Time Since Death - time_since_death
Time Since Rest - time_since_rest
Total World Time - total_world_time
Traded with Villagers - traded_with_villager
Trapped Chests Triggered - trigger_trapped_chest
Noteblocks Tuned - tune_noteblock
Cauldrons Used - use_cauldron
Distance Walked on Water - walk_on_water_one_cm
Distanced Walked - walk_one_cm
Distance Walked Underwater - walk_under_water_one_cm

Other commands are:

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