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For MobArena to work, you need not only the arena itself, but also a lobby. The lobby serves as the place where your players pick their arena class before the arena actually starts.
Step 1: Make a Lobby
A well-formed lobby has an iron block, which the players will punch when they are ready, and a sign for every class in the config-file (by default: Knight, Archer, Tank, Chef, Oddjob). The class names must be written on the first line of the signs (caps-sensitive), and it cannot have any colors or other effects associated with it.
Step 2: Setting up the Arena
Area Region
Firstly, let's set up the arena region: p1 and p2. These two points should span the entire arena region, lobby and spectator area. The reason for this is that all protection, cleanup and announcements work inside of this region. To set the region, use the command /ma setregion [p1|p2]
  • Go to the first corner of the region and type /ma setregion p1.
  • Go to the diagonally opposite corner of the region and type /ma setregion p2.
  • The 3-dimensional box or "cuboid" that these two points now span is the arena region.
  • To see the arena region, type /ma showregion to get a glass frame around the arena region for a couple of seconds. See the MobArena Commands-page for details.
  • If the arena is not entirely covered, you can use /ma expandregion <amount> [up|down|out] to expand the region an amount of blocks, either up, down or out (North, South, East and West, but not up and down). Check periodically with /ma showregion to confirm that the region covers everything that you want it to cover.

*Note* Once the arena region, the warp points and the spawn points are defined, the region will be protected against block breaking and block placing. To edit the arena blocks, you must type /ma editarena <arena> [true|false] to turn edit mode on/off.
Warp Points

The warp points are the points to which the players will teleport on certain events. To set these warp points, use the command/ma setwarp [arena|lobby|spectator].
  • Go to the arena floor, where you want your players to be warped upon arena start, and type /ma setwarp arena.
  • Go to the lobby, where your iron block and signs are, and type /ma setwarp lobby
  • Go to the spectator area, where you want your players to be warped upon death/spectating, and type /ma setwarp spectator

Step 3:Spawn points

Lastly, we need the spawn points for the monsters. There can be 1 or more spawn points (no upper bound). It is recommended to have a spawn point for every 16x16 square, such that the monsters will always be able to aggro the players. To add a spawn point, use the command/ma addspawn <name>. Note that the spawn algorithm will only spawn monsters on spawn points with players in a 16-block radius.
  • Go to the arena floor, where you want your first spawn point to be, and type /ma addspawn s1, for example. The name can be anything, as long as it starts with a letter.
  • Repeat the first step with different names until you have all the spawn points you want.
  • If you want to remove a spawn point, type /ma delspawn <name>

Now that your finished. you can Type /ma join to test it out.

Step 4: Lobby region (optional)

If (for some reason) it isn't plausible to make the arena region cover the lobby, it is possible to define a lobby region for the arena. This is done in the same way as with the arena region, however the commands are now /ma setlobbyregion [l1|l2] (note the lower case L instead of p), and/ma expandlobbyregion <amount> [up|down|out].

The lobby region is then treated as if it was part of the arena region for all events.

Note: If you wish to get rid of a lobby region, simply delete the two coordinates l1 and l2 for the arena in the config-file and type/ma config reload.

Step 5: Refillable containers (optional)

MobArena can save the contents of registered containers (chests, furnaces, dispensers) at arena start, and refill them on arena end. This is useful if you want traps (dispensers) or bonuses (chests) for your arena players, but don't want to walk in and refill the containers all the time.

To register a container for refilling, simply walk up to the container, point at it with the cross-hair, and type /ma addcontainer <name> (the name doesn't matter). The container contents will now be stored every time the arena starts, and restored when it ends. This means you don't have to re-register the container if you change its contents.

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