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Hello my pet farts...

In case some of you are worrying, I apologize for releasing this on project week. I just felt and urgent need to post this.

One of my friends on Minecraft whose username is scrtwo, keeps asking me: "How do vote for EmpireRealms?" And I don't really want to tell him because top monthly voter gets premium for free. (Premium normally coasts $6.53 or something very similar). This is how you do it:

1. Go to www.EmpireRealms.com
2. Click on vote.
3. Click on either site 1 or site 2 (It doesn't really matter but I reccommend both...)
4. A new tab will be opened. You have to type in your username where it tells you to.
5. There will be this strange verification box. Click on it.
6. A variety of picture will pop up with commands at the top telling you to click on certain pictures. Make sure you click on the correct ones and then click on vote.
7. I know that many of you will know this but for noobs like like *cough* scrtwo *cough*, some may not know.

Thanks for reading and don't leave any mean comments!
Credit:scrtwo, EmpireRealms

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