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How to wear a Banner on Your head (No Longer Works)

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Updating this for 1.12.2 or whatever version we are on now

the command to place a banner on your character's head is as follows

/replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.head minecraft:banner 1 <colour id> {BlockEntityTag:{Patterns:[{Pattern:<pattern id>,Color:<colour id>}]}}

using the same example as before, if i wanted a pirate flag on my head the command would be

/replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.head minecraft:banner 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{Patterns:[{Pattern:"sku",Color:15}]}}

the 0 in @p slot.armor.head minecraft:banner 1 0 is the colour id for the black background
the "sku" in {Pattern:"sku" is the id for the skull design on the banner
the 15 in Color:15}]}} is the id for the patten colour,in this case it is white

the colour ids used in the command go from 0 to 15 0 being black and 15 being white.

to stack patterns keep repeating the tag

{Color:"colour id",Pattern:"patten id"} next to each other e.g: /replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.head minecraft:banner 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{Patterns:[{Pattern:"sku",Color:15},{Color:"colour id",Pattern:"patten id"}]}} make sure you have a comma between each tag and that you have the correct amount and formation of curly braces at the end of the command or you will end up with a syntax error of some sort

all the tags for the different patterns can be found here on the minecraft wiki https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Banner/Patterns

This should now be fully updated for the latest version of minecraft

for older version of minecraft (1.8 ish) the command will look like this

/replaceitem entity @p slot.armor.head banner 1 <colour id> {BlockEntityTag:{Patterns:[​0:{Pattern:"<pattern id>",Color:<colour id>}]}}

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Update #1 : by Karrfis 03/14/2018 10:10:04 pmMar 14th, 2018

Rewrote blog and updated to be working with latest version of minecraft

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10/31/2022 8:58 pm
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Sus
Karrfis avatar
Doesnt Work 1.19.2 +
03/30/2022 6:59 pm
Level 40 : Master Wolf Whisperer
QuazyPMC avatar
y e s
11/15/2021 5:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
lrb0y avatar
can you make it work on everything like xbox and ps5 and ps4 and Nintendo switch and pcs v1.17.10 and v1.17.11
11/14/2021 8:21 amhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Ken0k1787 avatar
do you have command thats wear pillager's banner
05/14/2021 2:45 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3516441G avatar
05/03/2021 8:18 am
Level 1 : New Miner
DeDeh_ avatar
Can You Make This For 1.16.5
08/14/2019 5:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Dingeky avatar
I don't know if anyone still cares about this thread, but I've been trying to recreate this effect in 1.14 with very little success. I am able to get banners on my head, however, I am only able to get solid color banners to work. Nothing with a pattern works.

It seems like it would be very simple, yet I am not getting the results I am looking for. The command to do this has changed a little bit.
Instead of "slot.armor.head,"
it's simply, "armor.head"
and instead of minecraft:banner <value> <color id>
it's simply "minecraft:<color>_banner."
With the new system you put tags in with the item instead of using the "{BlockEntryTag:" line at the end.
Also the color values have been swapped, 15 being white, 0 being black.

The command that I've been trying to work with is:

/replaceitem entity @p armor.head minecraft:black_banner{Patterns:[{Pattern:"sku",Color:0}]}

The result I get is a black banner on my head with no skull pattern. The command doesn't specify how many, but I've found that it doesn't matter if a value is specified. I got the banner's tags after making one, placing it and pressing F3+I on it.

If anyone knows of a way to make this work properly that would be great! I'm ultimately trying to put my own custom banners on zombies' heads for an adventure map.
08/14/2019 10:37 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Sus
Karrfis avatar
guess people still do frequent my submissions, i'll be happy to have a look into it and re-write this to make it work for 1.14
08/14/2019 7:15 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Engineer
SanCookie avatar
Well hello there!

I just found out about this thread too, and have successfully "revamped" the command.

The thing you were looking after might have been this

/replaceitem entity @p armor.head black_banner{BlockEntityTag:{Patterns:[{Pattern:"sku",Color:0}]}} 1
I've done this using a give generator and just copied everything from "black_banner" until the end of the command. I used this site since it's easy to figure out:
Hopefully this helped!
08/15/2019 1:35 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Dingeky avatar
I was able to get it to work like this. Thanks!
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