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How to win at factions.

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So here's my tutorial on how to setup a good base and faction base on a factions server.

Step 1) Make sure you have gotten as far as you possibly can go before setting up a base. I suggest either walking close to the border of the map, or going about 3,000 to 7,000 blocks away from spawn to avoid being raided. The closer you are to spawn, the more chance you have of being discovered by a enemy faction and you will get raided. And trust me, being raided and making a new base is VERY frustrating.

Step 2) Make the base either deep underground or in the sky, DON'T make your base on the land, or you have a good chance of being discovered. If you are going to make a base underground, I suggest making it either at the very bottom of the world, or just above it. Being at the very bottom of the world can give you bedrock fog, which is annoying, but you also have a slightly less chance of being raided. If you are higher up away from bedrock, then you have a slightly more chance of being raided. Make sure you make the base away from any caves, so your enemies can't go into the unclaimed territory and make a TNT cannon to destroy your base. If you make a base in the sky, make sure you make it at the top of the world. It is a easier to raid a base in the sky however, so be careful. I suggest that you start of underground, make a small base and collect enough obsidian (10 - 14 stacks of obsidian) and then start moving up into the sky.

Step 3) Gaining obsidian and Diamonds. Gaining obsidian can be very difficult on a lot of servers. The servers that have a shop where you can sell diamonds and buy obsidian is great. But if not, you are going to need to make a obsidian generator. Obsidian generators usually use redstone, so make sure you have a good supply of redstone. If you are on a server where you can sell things to buy obsidian, make sure you sell diamonds but still have plenty left for things like armour, tools and weapons. Selling all your diamonds for obsidian can be a very regretful decision. When you mine diamonds, make sure you have a strong pick. If you are using X-Ray mods to mine for diamonds, make sure you cover your tracks and be careful for gravel and lava. If you need motivation to give to your faction members, make it a competition. For example: "Whoever gets the most diamonds in 30 minutes will get enchanted diamonds armour!" or something like that. Offer a prize, people like that.

Step 4) Gaining faction members. Make sure the members in your faction are trustworthy and strong. The last thing you want is to be raided by your own faction member/s. Try and get IRL friends to come play on the servers with you. Many people that are asking to join your faction are usually not very trustworthy and are raiding you to steal your items and kill you all or find your co-ordinates so they can raid you later. Although, sometimes you can find trustworthy friends that you can invite to your faction.

Step 5) Diamond armour and PVP. Make sure you have a stable supply of armour before you start to PVP too much. Try and enchant your armour/weapons as much as possible, and take the weapons in minecraft for granted. Make sure you always go into battle with armour, a weapon (axe, sword or bow) and try to have food on you too. But if you want to be super prepared, you can carry: Blocks to use to run away - Block the enemies path, Ender Pearls - To make quick escapes and ambushes if needed, Golden Apples - These apples are beast, they will heal you as your getting hurt, so you don't lose much health and quickly gain health as you lose it. Potions - Potions can be very important sometimes - you can use potions to slow down the enemy or weaken them slowly.

Step 6) Try to make as many allies as possible. Allies can be a key to success in factions. Allies can give you supplies and support. Although that means less people to raid, you can make more friends this way too. You don't have to be super friendly with them and tell them your cords and everything, but you can both exchange supplies and they can help you out when you are getting owned in PVP. If you need another sword to help you out in a raid, they can help you out. Allies are great, especially if you are still a newb at factions.

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09/06/2013 9:56 pm
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Nice tutorial diamond+sub
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