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How to win Trouble in Mineville.

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Level 22 : Expert Pokemon
Hello. I am sure many of you know of Trouble in Mineville. A popular mc minigame in which innocents try to kill traitors and traitors try to kill innocents. Before I give you all tips there are some important things to remember:

1. Only traitors know if players are innocents/traitors/detectives.

2. Detectives are innocent and can examine dead bodies and will receive a book telling who the player was, who killed them, and what role the player was.

3. There are more innocents than traitors.

4. For every map there is a traitor tester. Once a player enters one and pushes the button, the redstone lamp will tell whether the player is innocent or traitor. (The lights will light up if the player is traitor)

5. The detective can only examine two bodies a game.


Here we go!

1. When the game starts out, run to find chest. Inside each chest you will find either a stone sword, a wood sword, or a bow and arrows. Check chests until you at least find a stone sword and a bow. If you can't get any items at all wait until players die and pick up their loot.

2. Detective: If you are a detective, do not go out alone! Traitors will likely kill you as they get more karma for killing you. (Karma currently has no purpose) A good idea is to stay near someone you know is innocent and go looking for dead bodies. If you are getting attacked, run to the tester room or go into a large crowd. The traitor may still kill you, but this means that everyone knows that player is a traitor. If the traitor doesn't kill you, make him test, if he doesn't test, he is either a troll or a traitor. Only examine bodies that you did not see get killed. If you see someone get killed, make the killer test.

3. Innocent: This is a simple role of the game. What I do as an innocent is wait my turn in the tester room and test, so everyone knows I am innocent. If you are asked to test, simply test. If you see someone get killed , do the same thing you would as a detective. Do not attack people at random as you will lose karma and will be accused of a traitor. If you accidentally kill an innocent or accused as traitor. Say "I will test'. Right-click dead bodies to see if they are innocent, traitor, or detective.

4. Traitor: Once you see you are a traitor, rush to get the best weapons possible! Then find at least one other traitor and stick with him. Normally, stick away from the tester, but occasionally go near innocents to be less suspicious. Only kill innocents when they are not near large groups so no one sees you kill an innocent. If someone asks you to test, do not reply "I already did" just ignore them and hide from that person for the rest of the game or kill him when he is alone. If you are the only traitor left in a game, hide. It will soon become obvious you are a traitor. If anyone comes near you, kill them. Also, every time you kill an innocent, you will earn traitor points, and with /b, you can open the traitor shop to get items to help you out, like creeper arrows or land mines. Use your points wisely. Trust your gut on what to buy. (If you are the last traitor left, buy a rigger and test, the rigger (ghast tear) makes the traitor teller think you are innocent.)

5. Iron Sword: Every game, there is an ender chest hidden in the arena that can only be opened in game. Do not stand right next it or people will see you and the ender chest and they will go for it. Stand near the area of the chest and rush towards it when the game is about to start. If someone is at the ender chest already, spam right-click. It's your bets shot. DO NOT spam it too early (15 seconds until the game begins are earlier) or it will explode. Don't be a scumbag and rdm the person with the iron sword. It's not cool.

Hope these tips helped! Leave a diamond if you liked it :D. Also I will occasionally add to this if I find out any other helpful tips ;).

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Level 22 : Expert Pokemon
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