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How to Write a Successful Mod Application

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I've been Mod on a bunch of servers now. So what's the hardest part? The application. You have to make it to perfection before you submit it. So how do you do that? I will give you detailedexplanationsfor each question.

Name-Obviously this isn't hard. It usually says IGN, which means IN. GAME. NAME. Write that. You probably have a nickname on the server like I have Char. Don't write that. If you have some ridiculous nickname that you and your friends use, (eg. charizacoolperson)DEFINITELYdon't use that. If the owner doesn't know it, (and even if s/he does) don't put it. Put your straight IGN.

How Long Have You Played MC?-Again, not too challenging. I, personally, have been playing since April 2011. If I wrote 1.6 Beta, which is the update I started in, that would also be correct. Something that wouldn't be correct would be "a while ago". Okay, we understand you started a while ago, but when? Go as specific as possible for this one.

What Staffing Experience Do You Have?-You usually can't go wrong with this one, as long as you don't lie or say you were staff on a very small, non-public server your friend made. Why no lying? Well, if you say you were an Admin on a server, and you get accepted as Mod yet you don't know how to use certain commands, now what? First of all, they'll figure out that you didn't have Mod. Second of all, you'll be a bad Mod. Don't lie. Play it safe.

How Much Time Can YouDedicate to the Server?-Tell the server how much time you can dedicate. It's simple. If you can dedicate 10 hours a week, tell them. If you can't at all, you probably shouldn't submit an app. Going wrong here is almost impossible. Just don't lie.

What Time Zone Are You In?-Tell them what time zone you're in. It's pretty simple. Don't tell them what time you can get on, because that is incorrect. If you say 4:30, it might be 1:30 for someone else. Stick with a time zone, like GMT, or say that you live in London.

*The next two questions are probably the most important!*

Why Do You Want Mod?-This is probably the most important. This is the question that, time and time again, got me Mod on servers. Don't say you want mod to fly around and help your friends. That app will be denied seconds after the owner(s) reviewed it. You should write something long and advanced and based around the words, "I want to have it to help the community", but explaining why you want that, too. The more sophisticated, the better.

Why Should We Pick You Over Other Applications?-This is almost as important as the one before. You have to explain to the owner(s) why you would be the best choice out there for mod. Don't say "because I want to have fun and I can have soooooo much fun with this rank!", say "Because I will keep trying, I will never abuse" and things like that. It helps a lot with your application and the chances at you getting accepted. Owners want people like what I said. Not people who just want to have fun with Mod.

What Things Are You Good At in Minecraft?-Don't say, "I'm good at being awesome :D", or "I'm good at hacking!". That's pretty obvious. Saying that makes you seem immature and/or not fit for the staffing role. The staffing role is one that requires maturity. What you should say is something along the lines of "I'm good at building, modding, surviving, plugins..." or whatever else you can think of. PvP may not be an option on all servers.

I hope this helped you write a Mod App more successfully!

CreditFinding Herobrine for giving me some Mod App questions.

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04/21/2017 3:50 am
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Officer Caitlyn
08/23/2015 10:29 pm
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This helped me a lot! Thank you so much.
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11/09/2013 8:42 pm
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Good job! Diamonded and subscribed!
11/09/2013 8:43 pm
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Thanks :D
11/09/2013 7:34 pm
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Really cool blog, as always :)
11/09/2013 8:40 pm
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Thanks :)
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