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How to write an Article - Writing 101 [A Semi-series] - [Part 1]

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avatar -Rusty-
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Ladies and self-identifying Ladies of the jury, it is I, tilde Rusty tilde, with some important instructions today!

Before I begin, let me first say my slogan for this blog series will be "MAKE BLOG SECTION GREAT AGAIN!" Amazing

A Short introduction [to both me and the topic
Hey there folks, my name is Rusty, and I'm here to tell you about one of the most amazing things: writing! For literally most of mankind's existence, we have been writing things down, keeping logs and spreading messages; our first notes were in cave drawings, and eventually evolved into pen and paper, computer and keyboard! I absolutely love writing, in all of its forms, the power that it gives us and the ideas you can offer in, often, a more compelling way than speech. But it takes the proper writing technique to get your message across, and the whole "pen is mightier than the sword" all depends on who's wielding said sword. It's time to give a little itty bitty lesson in how to write a good article! TIME TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL KIDS. YOU'LL THANK ME WHEN YOU GET ALL THOSE A'S IN ENGLISH!!!

I'm sure we've all heard of the word structure, I mean, this is a Minecraft fan-site after all. In this context, structure is way in which words and ideas are ordered to compliment or further solidify the message and readability of whatever you're writing about. The latter of that list being the most important; everything in your sad excuse for a block of text must be as readable as possible, it's gotta look pretty and all the ideas have to flow. When everything goes together, and all the ideas naturally go from one to another very smoothly, it makes it... Easy on the eyes, so to speak.

"So how exactly should we structure our words, our thoughts and ideas?" Exactly how I'm doing it right now. Go back and look at what the second sentence of the first paragraph says. You'll find that the main idea being expressed in that one paragraph is going to be further explained in this next paragraph. Subsequently, the next few paragraphs cane be tied back to an idea within the first, or the topic, sentence. Within the paragraph itself, of course, there are supporting sentences, typically organized from most important to least, or vise versa. Three supporting sentences can be a good starter or rule of thumb when you want to keep clean consistent flow, but you can add more over time once you get real good at organizing those sub-dea's [New word, like it?] At the end of the day, you just gotta remember that much like any art, your writing has to have patterns, and in that respect, repeating patterns.

"So patterns, how does relate to the flow?" A good way to get a smooth flow between paragraphs, try to make the last sentence of the paragraph relate to the next idea. You can even make the last two sentences flow into the next paragraph to, by writing a supporting sentence that fits for both your current and next idea. In a weird way, it warms up the reader by introducing the next thought before they even start reading it. For example, in the last paragraph, I first began by wrapping up to my thoughts on standard structure advice, shoving in some familiar words for the next thought, 'flow'. The last sentence was mostly to tie together a certain idea from the next thought, the patterns. So as we conclude to the last part of THIS idea, lets remember the dictionary definition of 'conclusion':

Conclusions, conclusions, quite literally the opposite of beginnings. Your first step should be to establish a topic sentence that parallels the first sentence of the first paragraph, and the sentences should do the same. Essentially, you should try to rephrase the idea in the matching sentence as well as the matching paragraph, wrap up the thought, and reiterate the ideas from that thought you most want to convey. When all the text-- paragraphs and sentences, even words-- is connected in one way or another, your ideas seem more coherent, and you seem less like you are babbling; when you write with proper structure, people actually want to read it more.

So WhAtS nExT!?!?!11!??
Listen here, you punk, I'm not obligated to write forever. In fact, I just went to the title and changed this to 'Part 1'! How do you like me now?

Well, I can see you're either confused or real happy you found this nice little blog, so let me do you a favor and tie this into Minecraft. If you build a completely square house that has blocks that don't match, ain't nobody gonna wanna see that. They're gonna wanna more see builds that have proper detail, a smooth and complimentary pallet, and a good exterior AND interior-- house-wise of course.

So I hope you learned something, and remember, this isn't just for articles! You can use this type of format, albeit slightly altered, for STORIES as well! Crazy, I know.

See ya later you clowns:


05/02/2019 4:05 pm
Level 40 : Master Theorist
I thought you were dash rusty dash.
04/30/2019 9:23 am
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Dinosaur
"ain't nobody gonna wanna see that" 😂
04/30/2019 7:37 am
Level 1 : New Crafter
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