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How to:Automatic TNT Cannon (12 shots)(contest)

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Hello fellow minecrafters,
in this blog post you'll find out how to build and reload your very own Automatic TNT cannon,which can fire up to 12 shots.And so let's start with the tutorial


Step 1:Frames.

First we build a frame like this:


I'll make my cannon's frame 6 blocks long in total,but you can make it up to 13 blocks.After you make the frame you have to remove the blocks on one of the sides of the frame and make a wall that is as long as will be the ammo of your cannon.My cannon will have 12 TNT blocks for the ammo,so it will look like so:

Also,in the end add a piston for every TNT in the ammo part.This is everything you have to do about the frame.


Step 2:Wiring

The wiring is pretty simple.First,select a place for your button and wire it so it activates all the TNT in the part,where we will put water later.After that wire the place in the most front part and use there up to 8 repeaters each of them at 1:4.We're done with the firing,so now let's go to the automatic reloading.First make a repeater consisting of 20 repeaters the are making a redstone circle like so.


Now this is a little bit more complicated,cause the repeaters on one of the sides must be 1:1,while on the opposite side the repeaters are 1:4.We'll call the two sides firing,the one that sends the signal to the redstone which activates the TNT,and reloading,the one which will power the pistons which reload the cannon.The firing side must be with repeaters 1:1,and the reloading side with repeaters 1:4.So we are ready with the repeater and now for the pistons.This is the simplest part.After the repeater put a repeater 1:4 and after it place wire,which will activate the pistons.This is the wiring and in the end you're cannon will look like something like this:


Congratulations! You've got a working (or at least it must be working) automatic TNT cannon.You're free to decorate it,but first let's see how do we reload it.


Loading is simple.First make sure to put water in the place where is the torch on the first screenshot.After that,put TNT in the cannon and you'll also need sand/gravel.If you have made a 10 shots cannon you put 8 blocks of sand/gravel.There is a form for the sand/gravel blocks quantity.

N - 2 = sand quantity where N is the maximal TNT for the cannon.

You put the sand/gravel on the TNT block which is the nearest to a piston.It's a good idea to add a block next to the last sand/gravel block so you don't have to count the blocks every time you reload it.It should look like so:


Now,fire it!


First of all,stop the repeater by removing a piece of the redstone and placing it back after the repeater stopped.After that,remove the sand/gravel and do the same as the loading part.

Additional information

Texture pack:Vattic's Faithful 32x32 pack
CreditVattic for his awesome texture pack
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