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How use the Minecraft Font in your PMC Submissions

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Hi everyone!

Many people have asked me how I use the minecraft font in my pmc posts, and well, here I bring you a small tutorial that I designed

1.- Creating the text
Ok, to start we have to learn some basic commands, the / tellraw is a command that is used to create custom texts for minecraft chat (like the one used by servers), well, to make the text we will have to use this command The good news is that there are many pages that streamline this process, personally I use minecraft tools. now you will have to make your custom text, adding colors or special characters

Link: https://minecraft.tools/es/tellraw.php

How use the Minecraft Font in your PMC Submissions

2.- Get the image
After making your text, you will have to put it in your chat, for that I recommend using a command block if your text is very long, after that you will have to take a screenshot with the chat open (Postscript: some recommendations to take the screenshot is put a green screen or block to make it easier to cut it later, the green block can be easily get with a texture pack)

How use the Minecraft Font in your PMC Submissions

3.- Edit the image
After having taken the screen, you will have to edit it, for that you have to go to the screenshots folder and cut the text of the chat with an edit page such as paint.net or photoshop

How use the Minecraft Font in your PMC Submissions

4.- Upload the Image
Once you have the image, you will go to imgur.com and put it in your image album, after that you will click on the already uploaded image and copy the second link (direct link), and finally you will insert that link in the Insert images/media in PMC :D


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10/12/2021 4:23 am
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This is helps! But even I have Photoshop, it doesn't means I'm good at it..
10/10/2021 10:05 am
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10/10/2021 12:28 am
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this Will help me a Lot, thx!
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