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Level 39 : Artisan Pokemon
-What is this article about and should I bother reading it?

This article is aimed at younger or more impatient Minecraft players. If you do not need advice or help on how to get the most efficient service on an SMP server, then this article is probably not for you. ^^

-The Topic at hand.

Now, on the more populated servers. Where Admins'/Mods are under constant requests from players. Be it griefing, begging, an FAQ or even just wanting to help out. There are correct ways to go about doing it which will get you the service you require. However I've noticed a substantially high amount of player just being pompous monkeys, spamming the only word they know over and over "Admin!"

-So how do I go about getting better service?

Next to nothing! It's not about how fast you can type the words "help me" to get your case noticed. It's merely how you go about doing it. Here's some exemplary situations:

-My house was just griefed, I need help. Like now!

There are two ways to get this point across and dealt with.

'Jimmy's house just exploded! This is a sure sign of Garry the Griefer! *Gasp* Jimmy begins panicking franticly, spamming over and over again about how his house was griefed!'

Now this isn't the correct approach, and will often result in worst case scenarios in you being banned for spam. This is how a player should go about receiving help.

'Timmy's house is suddenly on fire! Curse that Garry Griefer. Timmy knows that spamming will get him nowhere closer to having his lovely 3x3 dirt house repaired. He calmly says "Admin, my house has been griefed. When you're not busy could you lend me a hand in fixing it?"

Timmy's calm and friendly approach has gotten him the help he required. This took less effort with better results! Let's look at another example shall we?

-The commands! They don't work, what sorcery is this?!

'Jimmy doesn't know how to set his home so he can warp. This upsets Jimmy deeply. He spams the chat with abrupt questions on how to set his home. Jimmy is forever homeless.'

''Timmy finds that he doesn't know how to set home. Using his slightly larger primitive brain, he first visits the spawn. Checking the FAQ section or a command list. He finds that the information is not there! Afterwards he asks the Admin if he could be helped with using the home command. Timmy now has a warm cosy house warp!

Common sense is something that players seem to overlook sometimes. In small situations where you have forgotten a command. Always check the spawn for information before bothering the Admins, normally if you type '/plugins' you will find the names of all plugins used. If you run the name into a search engine you can find a more comprehensive guide on how to use the commands. Let's look at one more scenario.

-Sir, I am obliged to tell you that I have negative feelings toward your chat comment!

This really doesn't need an example. If you don't like what someone is saying. Ignore them, it saves allot of time and hassle when you could be placing those precious dirt blocks. Nothing better. ^^ If they persist on being an annoyance, report them to the Admin if they haven't already noticed. Just don't get involved, it will normally end up in you being in as much bother as them.

-So, what have I learnt?

Hopefully how to get the maximum output from your servers staff members. Doing so will save you time and effort!
If you have any suggestions or more scenarios to point out for any other readers (Not that there ever are many) then please be encouraged to post it in the comments bellow! I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for reading. (If you cheated by scrolling down to get here, then -10 gold for you.)

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