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Hypixel Bedwars Strategies/Tips/Tricks!

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I'm not gonna blabber in this, ill just get to the juicy stuff. I have made three sections. Strategies, Tips, and Tricks. Enjoy!

Strategies (Click to show)
Defense is always first. Without your bed, you can't respawn! Try to go to the middle and get emeralds, then put obsidian around your bed and get powerful with powerful weapons. Then sit and wait until the unsuspecting teams try to get to your bed!

Try bed rushing. When the game starts, save up 52 iron, and get yourself a pair of shears and 48 wool. Then look and see who has wool over their bed, then build towards their diamond generator (If someone already hasn't) then build to their island, but make sure they don't see you. Run over to their bad and take the thin layer of wool out like a knife through butter, then destroy their bed and run. If no-one has any wool around their bed and has wood or others instead, put the wool in your ender chest, but keep the shears.
TIPS (Click to show)
NEVER, EVER use sandstone. Everybody always spawns with a haste wooden pickaxe and breaking sandstone with it is easier than wool. (Unless they have shears, but still then they still have the pickaxe, so it's always a never.)

Don't get a wooden sword. It might seem tempting, but they suck. Just use your pickaxe you already spawn with.

Instead of covering your bed in wool when you first spawn, get four gold and cover your bed in wood instead.

Get into speed bridging.
Even if it's only a little bit faster, it's still effective in some sticky situations, and also bridging to the middle first to get some sweet gems. Here's a video that has lots of different types.
Speedbridgeing Video (Click to show)

Tricks (Click to show)
Do this. Just do it. (Technoblade FTW)
Do it (Click to show)

Get a knockback stick. Ever had those annoying pro PVPers who you just can't get away from? Get a knockback stick! For only ten gold you can get those pro's away from you in no time! (I know it sounded like a cheesy commercial.)

When running from an opponent, jump while running, and place blocks down under you when you land. This helps from fall damage, and also creates obstacles for them.

Get armor. A lot of people skip this step, and I'm not sure why.

When bridging, place blocks two blocks above your original bridge, then tap the spacebar (or whatever you assigned your jump key to) rapidly while sprinting, so you bonk your head on top of the blocks on top. This makes you go incredibly faster when rushing back to and from your island.

Reassign your perspective key to R, so when people are chasing you, you can press it two times to check behind you without turning around and losing your ability to sprint.

Reassign your sprint key somewhere where you can easily hit it. Mine is Q. (For people who don't know, while walking if you hit left control you sprint without having to double tap W.)

Always have an Iron Golem Egg on hand. They are very useful if someone is targeting you.

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12/02/2017 12:45 pm
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Very helpful! Thank you so much!