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Hypixels New Map? Actually good thing for taking so long?

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avatar camerdude
Level 28 : Expert Artist
Hello, this is a blog about Hypixel's not so soon to be released map: Herobrines Origins

Hi there, so, Hypixel promised a new map, Herobrines Origins, you may have seen a sign on his server that says coming soon.
Now, first, what I did was wait and wait and I tried to be patient. But after a month I became impatient but then I realized, 
Hypixel probably is just waiting for the new snapshot. There are a lot of new things in the snapshots involving commands and even new blocks, I have seen snapshot showcases with realy cool things in them and I realy want Minecraft 1.8 to come out soon. But I can be patient if Hypixel IS releasing his map only into 1,8
Things in new Snapshot:
*Slime block-like a trampoline
*@e (for entities)
New mob-endermite
More commandblock commands and variables.

EDIT: 9/25/2014
It has been a while when I wrote this blog but Minecraft 1.8 has already come out and Hypixel has not currently released his map. :(
But when I was searching for reasons why, I found this interview with him about his server and Herobrines Origions! You have to turn on subtitles though! Here is the link:
CreditHypixel-inspiration for blog

09/25/2014 11:26 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Blacksmith
I hope it IS worth it!  I love hypixel's maps and they are very fun (I'll try to do a review on one soon!) but the only problem was that Herobrine's Return was a HUGE map.  My computer could barely run it, but that doesn't mean well!  I just hope this has tons of cool commands and redstone, not a giant map, but with the time, it might be that way...
09/25/2014 11:28 pm
Level 28 : Expert Artist
Also, currently he is working on a new feature for his server with dungeeons and loot and I would love to see that
09/25/2014 11:38 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Blacksmith
THAT WOULD BE SO EPIC!!!! really? can't wait :)
04/15/2014 2:30 am
Level 25 : Expert Hunter
With great awesomeness comes great need of time. Deal with it
04/15/2014 12:18 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Engineer
In all reality, it's likely a combination of the new snapshot and the fact that Hypixel's maps are insane. As a dedicated Redstone Engineer, and server owner, i have taken great interest in a lot of the same thing that hypixel uses in his maps, and have even gone in and dissected some of his more recent maps (after playing through them, of course.) to learn what i could about the redstone. And let me tell you, that level of complexity for some of it, even with mods, is hard to set up. take for example his skeletor boss fight. it alone had enough redstone to make a nice house out of redstone blocks from it. and that's not even taking into account the command blocks, spawners, minecarts with spawners, and all those other fun little things that make these things tick.

And i would guarantee that he's replaced a lot of it with command blocks now, given the most recent version's additions. In all honesty, i'm excited to see his next map, not only because they're masterful creations, but also so i can dissect them.
04/15/2014 12:11 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Network
Probably, or it's just the fact that his map's awesomeness must be contained.
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