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i created a monster...

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-As you can see, it is the model of the tarantula, I finally made the model (very far from the tarantula that you and i thought) this beast is 4 blocks wide (steve measure 2 blocks tall and the spiders 1 block tall) with that in mind, its poison is mucho more lethal than that of normal cave spiders poison, it eats rotten meat, any surface animal and the player.
-if someone gets to kills the tarantula (in survival clearly) will be give you.
-6 tarantula eyes.
-2 fangs.
-1-7 of tarantula skin
-1-3 spiders eggs
-whit the spider egg you can have a baby spider that will be your pet, like a dog but with poison and if you take care of it a lot it can end up being a tarantula only you cant ride, put chests, could take 4 players or random mods, would have the same attacks as normal tarantula only that he/she will defend you and not attack you.
-tarantulas will appear in cave, jungles and swamps naturally (poor big pigs if tarantula if it appears in he biome)(the biome of big pig are swamp).

-extra data=If a tarantula makes its nest in the depths of the caves in the 1.17 the tarntula becomes a tarantula warden or tarantula skull, that will also happen to the other spiders.

01/20/2021 1:51 am
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that's nice
01/20/2021 9:20 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Artist
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