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"quartz turned and smiled at me"

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  This wasn't going to plan. Not at all. I tapped my fingers on the table nervously. Gray pointed to the little markers on the map.
  "Here's our forces," he said, pointing to the few pieces of ours on the board. "And here's the Blodmorian's forces," He shoved the the rest of the tiles over. We were definitely out numbered here. "We're currently surrounded,"
  "Anywhere where they have a thin line we can break through?" The sea breeze shifted and blew through the tent flaps. Quartz lifted her head up and glanced towards the sea.
  "Well, possibly the northern sho-" Quartz leaped out of her seat and ran out of the tent.
  "What's she doing now Luke?" Gray asked. I stood up.
  "I don't know anymore really, I'll go after her," I left the others to plan out an attack.

  Quartz had wandered down to the beach. She stood staring down at something small cupped in her hands. I sighed. I could see smoke in the distance from the Blodmorian camps.
  "Hey Quartz," I said softly. When she went into her trances she still got scared easily. "Now's not the time to go into one of your creepy trances," Quartz turned and smiled at me.
  "I'm not in a trance silly. But you should tell the others to come out here,"
  "Why?" She showed me her hands. In them laid a small metallic blue butterfly.
  "Help has arrived," she said, releasing the butterfly into the ocean. I watched as it shifted into a fish. "Prismaria has come,"

Well this was short. Only took me three days
I'm planning on making Quartz an OC

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