Skin contest idea! READ!

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avatar That_Kid_Craig
Level 31 : Artisan Archer
Right i was flicking through skins and i was looking at some really random skins, so i started to think what could make it more fun?

So there i was thinking away when BAM! it me i was thinking of doing a themed contest like Pmc doea already But the prizes are: 1st Place; Diamond and fav on all your stuff and a subscribe. 2nd;Diamond all your stuff and subscribe. 3rd Fav some stuff and Subscribe!

I know its not much but i can't promise much though can i. :( But i want to make things more fun beacuse the skin contests that PMC do take way too long so i wanna speed up things for a bit

Please Comment if you know what theme should be done next, Thats if you want it done.

Please Diamond and Favorite. so people can see this blog.

there is now is now a contest on go Here to see it

Thanks for reading;


04/15/2012 4:38 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Nerd
futuristic, so like robots or halo. i like making futuristic stuff.
04/15/2012 4:58 am
Level 31 : Artisan Archer
Ok! Thanks so much for commenting :)
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