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I guess this is part of my book

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avatar Pinkiboo
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter

A patrol of cats and dogs scoped the borders of Moonlight Clan and Storm Clan. Thick endless layers of fog surrounded the border, making the border almost invisible. These cats and dogs belonged to Storm Clan. At the time Storm Clan was lacking prey, and was starving. Then one by one three cats came through the fog, a black she-cat, with white markings on her face, a masculine brown tabby cat, and a very small bluish marbled tabby, both of the tabbys following behind the the leader. A strong silver and white she-cat with a scarred muzzle, was in the front of the patrol looking concerned. The silver and white she-cat released a soft yowl, “Twighlightstar, Storm Clan is in deep need of prey.” The black she-cat faces her, staring into her eyes, “Yes, I know, and I am deeply concerned, a couple of our warriors went into the bank today, and, we found them dead on our journey to here.” The silver tabby mewed sadly, “I am terribly sorry about your loss but one of our elders, Gorsestone is starving and is ill. We could reason with each other, we can provide protection for each other; and we can provide prey for each other. In times like this, we need to work together against whatever is savagely murdering these warriors.” A muscular male dog with sleek, black and tan fur, with pointy ears approached the leaders. This male dog had his ribs showing and looked ill. “Will you reason with us Twighlightstar, you probably do not want two of your relatives from Storm Clan to pass to the spirits.” The dog spoke softly. The black she-cat stepped forward, “Yes, I will reason with you, but the fog is growing too thick, soon it will be too far to pass through without getting lost, or killed. But I know you are in deep need, we will try our best.” She paused for a moment, seeming like she had more to say then faces upward, facing them again. The dog and the she-cat froze, hearing something, coming from the fog. The three cats turned to look at the fog, freezing in their spots once their eyes were trained upon the fog. Three blood-thirsty cats appeared fangs drawn back, spitting angrily. “We want all your territory, your prey, and your blood.” Snarled one vicious cat. The dog stepped in front of the Moonlight Clan and the Storm Clan residents, throwing a protective snarl. “Get lost, you don’t deserve our needs bloodthirsty savages! Don’t make us attack. It’s against the code.” The cat who snarled at them steps back, and a small fluffy white cat stepped forward “You will give us your land, food, and blood, or everyone who enters the growing fog, will be devoured, ruthlessly killed and drained of their blood” The dog responded with a growl, “You will die before you get back in there, attack, and our warriors will kill you, even if it is against code.” Nimblestar steps in front of the dog “You will not, ever take our territory” she snarls, “And I will make sure of that.” The fluffy white cat launched himself into the air, claws unsheathed. Before the white cat laid his claws on Nimblestar, the dog otherwise known as Wolfstrike leapt in front of the tabby. The wounds inflicted were laid upon Wolfstrike, who snarled in pain when the cat dug his claws into the dog’s neck. Wolfstrike did not hesitate, so he launched himself around flinging the cat from his neck. The white cat got flung into a bramble bush nearby, struggling to get free, tearing at the brambles. The other black cat sprinted forward, and lunged, batting at their feet as they skidded along the grass. It started to rain, changing from a sprinkle to a storm in minutes, causing everyone to soak whilst enduring the fight. Then the unbelievable happened, a water flood coming from Stream Clan came rushing through the brambles, freeing the white rogue, in the process sweeping everyone off their paws into the fogbank. The fog consumed everyone in the patrol, spreading them out with in its banks. You could hear yowls coming from the fog, then cry of terror, or mercy. The dark foggy sky soon darkened, signaling it would be a rough night in the fog. Soon everything was quiet, blood had been lost and stained the battlefield. The rogues had fled but left a promise that was stuck inside the patrollers heads, “We will return. Stronger, and bigger. More blood will be shed…” The Storm Clan patrol group consisting of Nimblestar, Wolfstrike, Redpelt, and Quietpaw left the Moonlight Clan border. Quietpaw, an apprentice had fought well and would be praised for his success. Nimblestar and the others had their hides and pelts stained with fresh blood. “I wish I could rip those rogues to shreds for breaking the code.” Growled Wolfstrike to Nimblestar. Everyone could see Twilightstar and Moonfeather trying to tend to the wounds of Shortpaw, the apprentice who had gone in with them. Quietpaw looked back at the Moonlight Clan warriors and mewed softly, “Maybe we should help them Nimblestar?” “I suppose we could. After all we made a promise.” Nimblestar agreed. So the Storm Clan patrol group turned around and approached Shortpaw. “Quietpaw, do you know anything about herbs?” Redpelt asked. “Yes, I do. Amberleaf taught me some, like she does to all apprentices. And yet, I still want to be a warrior.” replied Quietpaw. Quietpaw then disappeared into the fog and soon returned with cobweb, goldenrod, and dock. “This is all I could find; cobweb to help stop the bleeding, goldenrod to heal the wounds, and dock to help heal the scratches.” Quietpaw mewed, dropping the bundle of herbs on the forest floor. Nimblestar, Wolftail, Redpelt, and the Moonlight Clan members observed Quietpaw closely. Quietpaw softly and quietly approached Shortpaw, and sat down. Quietpaw carefully placed the cobweb on the wounds, and the bleeding eased. Shortpaw mewed softly to Quietpaw, looking up at them “Thank you, I hope I can repay you someday.” Quietpaw next placed some goldenrod and dock on the wounds. He stepped back and asked, “Do any of your wounds hurt?” Shortpaw responded “No, they don’t after you put the goldenrod on.” Quietpaw nodded, and fell back between Redpelt and Wolfstrike. “Are you alright with us parting? Storm Clan must be wondering where we are.” Pondered Wolfstrike to the Moonlight Clan patrol. Twilightstar nodded, then slightly kneeled down next to Shortpaw, watching her, while the Storm Clan patrol left the fog banks. Wolfstrike softly licked Quietpaw’s bloodstained pelt, “You did well young one, Storm Clan honors your intelligence and kindness.” Wolfstrike said between licks. Quietpaw dipped his head respectfully thanking his Deputy for the compliment.

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